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Dual Enrollment Testing & Assessment

If a student chooses to take a math or English course and does not have the qualifying ACT scores, the students must take the Accuplacer Placement Assessment.  Students are strongly encouraged to study before testing.


For more information about preparing for the Accuplacer, visit Review for Accuplacer Placement Assessment.  Shelton State also offers free Accuplacer Help Sessions.

English & math Placement Criteria

Placement for Math 100

18 or higher ACT math subscore


High School GPA of 2.75 or higher AND a grade of “A” or “B” in high school Algebra II, Pre-calculus, or Calculus


253 or higher on the ACCUPLACER QAS


Placement for Math 112

20 or higher ACT math Subscore


267 or higher on the ACCUPLACER QAS


Placement for English 101

18 or higher ACT English subscore


Level 5 on the ACCUPLACER QAS

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