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Welcome to eLearning

eLearning is defined as a formal educational process in which the majority of the instruction occurs when student and instructor are not in the same place. Technology is being utilized to allow learners to receive education irrespective of time and location. In most online learning situations, the education is occurring asynchronously (i.e. the learners are not accessing the information at the same time it is offered nor at the same time that other learners may.


eLearning classes at Shelton State Community College teach the same competencies as classes offered on campus; the difference is in the delivery. Instead of attending a class where an instructor provides a lecture and leads a classroom discussion, eLearning classes are delivered over the Internet. Using computer technology, students and instructors can overcome the complications of time, geography, and career commitments.


The eLearning classes offered at Shelton State Community College are based on the same instructional outcomes and objectives as traditional on-campus classes and will require approximately 6-9 hours per week during the semester to complete the work. These classes require as much commitment as any class offered on campus. They require dedicated, ongoing, and regular online participation.


eLearning students are expected to become familiar with the policies and procedures in the Shelton State Community College Catalog and Student Handbook.

All coursework must be submitted on Canvas, the College’s Learning Management System (LMS). You must have regular access to a computer equipped with the following:

  • Microsoft Office Suite (Latest Version)
  • Windows 7/8/10 (32/64 bit) or Mac OSX (Yosemite or higher). The LockDown Browser application used by the College will not work on Chromebooks.
  • Memory:  4 GB RAM minimum, 8GB RAM preferred
  • Remote Proctor does not support non-English operating systems
  • Hard drive:  20 GB of free space
  • Screen resolution:  Minimum 1024 x 768
  • Internet connection:  High speed (DSL, Cable, or LAN) is required.  Dialup, cellular high speed and satellite internet service are not supported. 200kbs minimum upload speed is required. Please check with your Internet provider to help ensure you meet this requirement.
  • Webcam
  • Microphone

You are expected to have a back-up plan in the event your computer has operational problems, you lose electricity, or you lose Internet access. These factors are not an excuse for late or incomplete submission of assignments nor are they acceptable reasons for an assignment deadline extension. Most public libraries, school libraries, university libraries, etc., have computers with Internet access and are available for use by the public.

eLearning courses are required to have at least two proctored assessments, one of which must be the final exam.  All students are required to present a valid form of photo identification at the time of the proctored exam.  Proctored exams may be administered on campus by the instructor, by Shelton State Community College Testing and Assessment, by a testing center affiliated with the National College Testing Association (NCTA), or through the College’s remote proctoring system.  The College’s remote proctoring system utilizes a webcam and lockdown browser to ensure proper student identification and a secure testing environment.


No fees are charged to Shelton State students for proctored exams administered on campus by the instructor or the College’s testing lab.  Fees may be charged for off campus proctoring services.  Students are responsible for any fees associated with these services.