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Welcome to eLearning

Are you looking for a flexible schedule? Do you have a full-time job? These are not reasons to keep you from furthering your education? Today it is becoming harder and harder for students to make it to a traditional class at a particular time, which has caused many to stop continuing their education, and Shelton State understands that.


At SSCC, we believe everyone should have the same opportunity to advance, and this is why we are working to create an eLearning program the exceeds expectations. eLearning offers students a chance to take classes in a virtual environment primarily on their own schedule.


eLearning is defined as a formal educational process in which the majority of the instruction occurs when student and instructor are not in the same place. Technology is being utilized to allow learners to receive education irrespective of time and location. In most eLearning learning situations, the education is occurring asynchronously (i.e. the learners are not accessing the information at the same time it is offered nor at the same time that other learners may.


eLearning classes at Shelton State Community College teach the same competencies as classes offered on campus; the difference is in the delivery. Instead of attending a class where an instructor provides a lecture and leads a classroom discussion, eLearning classes are delivered over the Internet. Using computer technology, students and instructors can overcome the complications of time, geography, and career commitments.


The eLearning classes offered at Shelton State Community College are based on the same instructional outcomes and objectives as traditional on-campus classes and will require approximately 6-9 hours per week during the semester to complete the work. These classes require as much commitment as any class offered on campus. They require dedicated, ongoing, and regular eLearning participation.


Currently, there are a few programs that can be completed by taking 50% or more of the required courses online. Please see the eLearning/Hybrid Programs page for more information on these programs. We plan to continue to enhance our online presence and offer more degrees and certificates online, so please check that page often, as it will be updated as the programs are.


Now while all of this convenience seems wonderful, it is important to keep in mind that eLearning courses are not for everyone. There is often a misconception that an online class is “easier” than a traditional class because there are no set meeting times. This is far from the truth. An eLearning class is comparable to a traditional course, though students often find they spend more time actively working in an eLearning class because they must read the directions and lectures that are typically “presented” to them in a traditional class.


We encourage you to take a few minutes now to read through the eLearning Success page to see more about what it takes to be a successful eLearning student. Then, take the Online Readiness Self-Assessment and see if you have what it takes, or if you can adapt to it. It is important to us at Shelton that you succeed no matter what course method you decide, and we want you to be as prepared as possible. We offer all of our eLearning courses through Canvas. You may be interested in self-enrolling in the Passport to Canvas Course and earning your Canvas badges!


eLearning students are expected to become familiar with the policies and procedures in the Shelton State Community College Catalog and Student Handbook.


Shelton State Community College is a proud supporter of the Southern Regional Education Board and a member of NC-SARA.