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All students who receive scholarship awards must submit a request for the funding to be applied to the tuition and fee charges. The entire balance must be paid before the published payment due date as listed in the printed Registration Guide.

Shelton State Community College Scholarships

Scholarship application deadline is 5:00 p.m. on Monday, July 30, 2018.

Click here to apply for Shelton State Scholarships.




2018-2019 Institutional Scholarship Application Information

2018-2019 Institutional Scholarships

Summer 2018 Institutional Scholarship Information

Institutional Scholarship Appeal Form

Click here to apply for Shelton State Scholarships.

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  1. Enter your myShelton email address and password
    • If you are a first time user, click “Set Your Password” and
      enter your myShelton email address.
    • If you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgot Password
  2. Go to your myShelton email and find the “AwardSpring Password Reset” email. Click on “Reset Password”.

Walk-In Scholarship Application Help Sessions

October 25, 2017 – February 28, 2018
3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Martin Campus
Room 2262

February 1, 2018 – February 28, 2018
3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Fredd Campus
Room 118


Senior Adult Scholarship Program

Students meeting institutional admission requirements, who are 60 years of age or older, are eligible for the Senior Adult Scholarship Program, which covers tuition only. The scholarship can be used for transitional and credit courses. Scholarships are limited based on space availability.


Click here for the Senior Adult Scholarship Form.


For more information on institutional scholarships, please contact the
Scholarship Office at

Shelton State Community College Foundation Scholarships

The Shelton State Community College Foundation provides a number of scholarships for students enrolling at Shelton State Community College. Scholarships are typically offered for an academic year beginning in the fall semester. Awarded scholarships are available for use for the fall, spring, and summer terms.

2018-2019 Shelton State Foundation Scholarships

Shelton State Foundation Scholarship Application

Transfer Scholarships

Four-year colleges and universities are waiting to hear from you!  Click transfer information to learn more about admission and scholarships at four-year schools in the southeast.

The first step in applying for many transfer scholarships is submission of your college admission application.  Your admission application should be submitted prior to scholarship deadlines.  Though most transfer scholarship deadlines are in early March, you are encouraged to contact each institution for individual deadline dates.  Additionally, transfer scholarships often require transcripts or letters of recommendation.  If requesting additional information from your current instructor or advisor, please make your request as soon as possible.  Apply early and for all transfer scholarships for which you are eligible.

Stillman College Scholarship Application Instructions

Stillman College Scholarship Application

If awarded a transfer scholarship, Shelton State Community College wants to honor your accomplishment.  Please notify Dr. Kevin Windham at, and include all important information concerning your award.

External Scholarships

Below are scholarship opportunities that are independent of Shelton State Community College.  For questions or additional information, please refer to the information on each website.  To have your scholarship opportunity added to the website please email

Accredited Schools Online-Nursing Scholarships
Alabama HIMSS Merit Scholarship
A Place for Mom Scholarship
DCH Foundation Scholarship
Expert Institute Annual Healthcare and Life Sciences Scholarship
Greta James Memorial Scholarship Healthcare Leadership Scholarship
Medical Assistant Degrees Scholarship
Next Step Test Prep’s Health Professions Scholarship
Nurse Plus Academy Scholarship Scholarship
OMAP’S 100 Word Essay Health Care Scholarship
Pacific Medical Training 
RN to BSN $1000 Challenge
Top Medical Assistant Programs Healthcare Scholarship
Bulk Office Supply Scholarship (for any area of teaching, art, or business ownership)
ESL Teaching Abroad
Noyce Scholarship (for teaching certification in chemistry, physics or mathematics)
Accredited Schools Online
Buenas Opiniones Scholarship
Colgate Minority Scholarship
Jackie Robinson Scholarship 
Minority Students in Veterinary Medicine Scholarship
Padua Latino Justice Scholarship
Thurgood Marshall College Fund
Thurgood Marshall National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice
Clunker Junker Automotive Scholarship for Girls
ExpoMarketing Women in Business Scholarship
Kerri Castellini Women’s Leadership Scholarship
National Association of Women in Construction
Rosenfield Injury Lawyers’ Single Mother Scholarship
Scholarship Guide for Women
Women in STEM
1Dental Scholarship Digital Agency Schoalrship
1SEO Technologies Scholarship Program
1st UK Mortgages Scholarship Program
10Machines Innovative Writing Scholarship
11Must Scholarship Scholarship
1-800Accountant’s Scholarship Contest
217 Locksmith Keys to Success Scholarship
2017 Future of Assisted Living Scholarship
2017 General Marketing Education Scholarship
2017 Karin Riley Porter Good Works Scholarship 
2017 Kerri Castellini Women’s Leadership Scholarship 
2017 Kush Arora Federal Justice Reform Scholarship Award 
2017 North Coast Financial Scholarship
2017 Seth Okin Good Deeds Scholarship 
2018 “Advocacy for LGBTQ+ Schoalrship”
2018 Annual Scholarship Program
2018 Walker Morgan Scholarship Scholarship
Aaron Minc Scholarship
A Better America Scholarship Program
Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Program Personal Injury Scholarship
AccuWeb Hosting Scholarship
Action Behavior Center ABA Therapy Scholarship  
Advocates Scholarship Scholarship
Alabama Tour Guide Scholarship
Alabama Tour Guide Scholarship
Alpert Schreyer Law Firm $1,000 Scholarship Essay
Alert1 Student for Seniors Scholarship
Alfa Foundation Scholarship Program
Allure Home Improvements Scholarship
Amazing Machines Scholarship
Ambrosio Rodriguez Scholarship
American Advisors Group Scholarship
American Bullion Scholarship
American Home Design Scholarship 
American Pavilion Annual General Education Scholarship
Ammunition Depot Scholarship
Amy G Law Firm Access to Education Scholarship
Annual Community Volunteer Scholarship
Annual Depression Treatment Education Scholarship
Annual Entrepreneur Scholarship
Annual General Education Scholarship
Annual General Science and Engineering Scholarship    
Annual Health and Wellness Education Scholarship
Annual Survival Gearist Student Scholarship for Entrepreneurs
Annual Upgraded Points Student Scholarship
Any Option Scholarship Scholarship
April Cockerham DREAM Act Scholarship
Ark Law Group Scholarship Program
Artificial Grass Liquidators Scholarship
ASIST Executive Women Adult Students in Scholastic Transition Scholarship College Student Scholarship
Atlantic Relocation Scholarship
Autolist Scholarship
Autozine 2018 Scholarship
Axon Optics Scholarship
Backpacking Expert Wellness Travel Scholarship
Baumgartner Lawyers Undergraduate Scholarship
BCR Inspired to Greatness Scholarship
Beauty Essay Writing Scholarship
Beco Life Scholarship Contest
Beldon Scholarship
Bellhops Moving Forward Scholarship
Benenati Law Firm Futures Scholarship
Best Anything Scholarship
Best Drones Scholarship
Best Mattress Guide Scholarship
Best Mattress Reviews Scholarship
Best Posture Brace Annual Scholarship
Best Reviews Hunt Scholarship
Beyond Wellness Chiropractic Center Scholarship
Bi-Annual Source Data Products Scholarship bi-annual-scholarship/
Big Deal HQ Scholarship
Bikesreviewed Active Living Scholarship
Black and Lee Scholarship
BLC Law Center Scholarship
BlenderCave Internet Marketing Scholarship
Blinkbest Internet Marketing Scholarship
Bloggingthing Online Marketing Scholarship
Bloomfield Capital Finance Scholarship
BlueGadgetTooth Scholarship
Body Gear Guide Magazine Scholarship
Bodyguardz Scholarship
Branch Out Scholarship
Brauns Law PC Scholarship
Brentwood Open Learning College Scholarships
Brian Zeiger college scholarship essay contest
Burrus Research Scholarship
Business Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship
Business Powered Scholarship Applications
Buyer’s Captain $500 Sustainable World Scholarship
C&B Essay Scholarship
Cabinet Wholesalers Scholarship
Camera Runner Photography Scholarship
Campus Explorer Exclusive Scholarships (awarded monthly) Scholarship
Caregiver Connection Scholarship
CareerCrawlers MERIT Scholarship
Cash Store Continuing Education Scholarship
Central Infusion Alliance Scholarship
CGTrader Scholarship
Change of Address Scholarship
Children’s Dentistry of Charlottesville Child Empowerment Scholarship
Choosy Traveler Study Abroad Scholarship
Chris Massman Annual General Education Scholarship
Christensen Hymas General Scholarship
Clara Lionel Foundation Global Scholarship Program
Clash of Clans Lovers Scholarship
Cloud Desktop Online Scholarship
Cluff Law Car Accident Scholarship
CogniTune Fine-Tune Your Mind Scholarship Program
COIT Carpet Cleaning Scholarship
CoLaz Advanced Beauty Specialists
College Cognitive Scholarship
Comedy Defensive Driving Scholarship
Commaful Annual National Scholarship
The Conex Boxes, Inc. Scholarship
Continental Siding Supply Scholarship
Cooler Reviews Scholarship
CoolLastNamesHQ Scholarship Program
Coupon Chief
CouponMeld Annual Scholarship for students
Corban Guin $1,000 Scholarship
CoverWallet Small Business Scholarship
Cowell Law Group Single Parent Scholarship
CPR Certification Institute Scholarship Worldwide Student Scholarship – Scholarship Program
Credit Soup Scholarship 2017
CreditSpot’s Essay Scholarship
Crotty Saland Equal Justice Scholarship
Crush the LSAT Scholarship Program
Custody Xchange Giving Program
Custom Creatives Digital Marketing Scholarship Program
Custom Plush Toys Annual Student Scholarship
The Customized Girl Annual Scholarship
CXL Institute Digital Marketing Scholarship
Cyber Bullying Prevention for Teens Scholarship
Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Scholarship
Daily Backpack Scholarship
Daily Recruitment Scholarship
Davinci Vaporizer Scholarship
Dealspotr Scholarship
Distracted Driving Awareness Scholarship
Devconhomesecurity Annual Scholarship
DigitalParc Scholarship
Diva Writing Scholarship
Divorce Matters Scholarship
Diwali Scholarship
Dolman Law Group
DomCop Scholarship
Do Something Good Scholarship
Double D Trailers Scholarship Annual Scholarship
DroneAddicts $500 Drone Scholarship
Dr. Pahwa Half Yearly Scholarship Contest
Duffy Law Scholarship
ECIG Scholarship Program
Ed Tayter Outstanding Citizen Scholarship
Einstein Academic Scholarship 
El Dabe Law Firm Scholarship
Emjuris Scholarship Essay Contest
Employee Morale Scholarship
Emroch & Kilduff Scholarship Essay Contest
EssayShark Company Scholarship
ES-Zone Healthy Living $1000 Annual Scholarship
Evergreen Beauty College Scholarship
Exabeam Scholarship Program
Exact Data “See the World” Scholarship
Express Medical Supply, Inc.
Eye for Design Scholarships
Facing Acne’s First Annual Scholarship
Faceithard Digital Marketing Scholarship
Feedough Scholarship
FeedsYouNeed Schoalrship
Feldco Windows, Siding and Doors Scholarship
FFDB Scholarship Program
Filmora Scholarship Program
Financial Fraud Awareness Scholarship
Fishboxpro Scholarship
Fitch Law Firm Scholarship
Fitness Apie Scholarship
FitnessGoals Student Scholarship Award
Fitwirr Scholarship
Fix your Skin Scholarship
Florida Law Group Scholarship
Forms Birds
Franchise Opportunities Scholarship
Freemont Foundation Scholarships
Freshsvoice Scholarship Program
FringePursuits Athletic Scholarship
Fundera College Scholarship
Furniture UK Scholarship
Fusion Electronix Scholarship
Future Entrepreneurs of America Scholarship
Game Authority’s Gaming Scholarship Video Game Design Scholarship
Gaming Gearoid Essay Scholarship
GeekWrapped Scholarship
General Education and Mental Health Education Scholarship
General Science and Engineering Scholarship
Get a Boost Scholarship
Get Your Tuition Back Scholarship
Gladley Community Story Scholarship
Glen Lerner Gives Back Community Service Scholarship Award
Global Volunteers Bi-Annual Scholarship
Globo Surf Academic Scholarship
Go Business Plans Scholarship
Goedeker’s Appliances
Golden Financial Services Scholarship
Good 360’s Sustainability Scholarship
GoStartABlog’s Young Writers Scholarship
Graduation Source Scholarship 
Gramilab Online Marketing Scholarship
Green Visa Vietnam Scholarship
Growcare Scholarship
Growing Generations Annual Scholarship 
Groza Learning Center Scholarship
Grungo Colarulo Giving Back to the Community Scholarship
Guidezilla Scholarship
Gym Pros Scholarship
H & M Law Firm Scholarship
HALO Branded Solutions $3000 College Scholarship Program
Hamilton, Hull & Byrd Giving Back Scholarship
Hammock Expert Scholarship
Hands-On Labs Scholarship Scholarship
Hartman Law Firm Scholarship
Hasner Law Scholarship
HBCU Advocate Scholarships Annual College Scholarship Program
Heads Up Video Competition Scholarship
Health Advice Scholarship
Healthy But Smart Annual Scholarship
Healthy Line Scholarship
Help Teaching Scholarship
Hexter and Baines Annual Scholarship Award
Hikers On Run Annual Scholarship
Hiking Ambition Wellness Scholarship
Hiking Reviewed Wellness Annual Scholarship
Himalayas on Foot Scholarship
Hit Me SEO Scholarship #FeelLikeHome Scholarship
HomeLight Scholarship
Home Reviewed Scholarship
HonorsGradU Multimedia Scholarship
Hooked to Books Scholarship
HostGator Website Scholarship 
Hot Home Air Scholarship
The Hoth Scholarship Program
Houston SEO Scholarship
HRS Essay Writing Scholarship
HSP Scholarship
HVAC Training PRO Scholarship
HybridBikeReviewed Active Living Scholarship
Hylan Family Scholarship
iCompareFX USA Scholarship
Impact Signs Infographic Scholarship
Improving Senior Living
Indy Displays Graphic Arts Scholarship
Infinity Dental Web Internet Marketing Scholarship
Injury Lawyers Scholarship
Insight Pest Solutions $1000 Scholarship
“Inspired to Greatness” Scholarship Award 
Insurance Verification Specialist Scholarship
Internet Marketing Scholarship
InvestmentZen Scholarship
IOBD2 Essay Contest Scholarship
Italissimmo Scholarship Program 
It Here Scholarship Program
Ivey Engineering Bi-Annual Scholarship Contest
Jack and Jill National College Scholarship Award
Jason Kalafat Make a Difference Scholarship
Jaxfoodcritic Essay Scholarship
Jeffrey Lichtman Criminal Justice Reform Scholarship 
Jessica Gavin Bi-Annual Scholarship Program
J&J Environmental  Inc. Scholarship
Jluggage’s Annual Scholarship Award
Joel House Search Media
Joseph J Lorusso Scholarship
Jungle Scholar Scholarship
Junk Car Medics Scholarship
Just Rent to Own Scholarship
K. Hunter Goff Bankruptcy/Consumer Rights Scholarship
Karin Riley Porter Good Works Scholarship
KB Delta Educational Scholarship
Kenneth P Carp Scholarship
Kenneth Warren Scholarship
Ketterman Rowland & Westlund Excellence in Education Scholarship
KidGuard Scholarship
Kisling, Nestico & Redick Don’t Text and Drive Scholarship
Kitchen Cabinet Kings Scholarship
Kitchenopedia’s Merit Based Scholarship
Kokopax Annual Scholarship
Kush Arora Federal Criminal Justice Reform Scholarship
Kyle Gohr Leadership Scholarship
Landmark Sign’s Scholarship
Larson Jewelers
Laser Spine Institute Scholarship
Las Vegas Defense Group Law Firm Scholarship
Law Enforcement Family Member Scholarship 
LawnStarter Lawntrepreneur Scholarship
Leap Clixx Annual Marketing Scholarship
Legal Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship
Levin Firm Scholarship
LFP Online Writing Scholarship 
Liana’s Kitchen Scholarship
LinkedIn Scholarship Scholarship
LM Scholarship Program
Logins Guide Scholarship
Logo Design
Lyme Disease Scholarship
Manly Zone Internet Marketing Scholarship
Marccx Media Scholarship
MassMutual Scholars Program (Insurance or Financial Services)
Matte and Juliette Scholarship
Matter Mattress Scholarship
Mattress Guides Scholarship
MaxFilings Scholarship Essay Contest
McPhearson Foundation Scholarship
Scholarship Information
Application & Criteria
Med Consumers Scholarship
MelbourneRehabs Scholarship Program
Meldon Law Scholarship
Mensa Education Foundation Scholarship Essay Contest
Mercedez-Benz of Music City Scholarship Scholarship
Mitchell & Crunk Adoption Scholarship
Modern Castle $1,000 Scholarship
Mommas Baby Scholarship
Moms Blender Scholarship Scholarship
Money Metals Exchange Scholarship
Money Strands 2018 Fintech Scholarship
Montem Outdoor Gear Health and Wellness Scholarship
MTB Challenging $1000 Scholarship
Mulberry Cleaners Scholarship
My Best Reviewss scholarship 2017
Myflyfit Essay Writing Scholarship
MyLEDLightingGuide’s Scholarship Fund
National Business Capital Scholarship
National Farmworkers Jobs Program
National Society of Collegiate Scholars
Nationwide Debt Direct Scholarship Scholarship
Neal Davis Law Scholarship Essay Contest
Net Geek Pro Scholarship
New South Window Green Visionary Scholarship
New York Computer Rental
NextToTry Scholarship 
New York Hip and Knee Scholarship
Nicholas Braswell Strong Roots Scholarship and Essay Contest
Nicholas A. Pennipede Memorial Scholarship
Nicholas Wooldridge Annual Scholarship Essay Contest
NinjaOutreach Scholarship
NISOD Scott Wright Student Essay Contest
Nootropedia Scholarship
North Point Recovery 
NYDNRehab Scholarship
Odd Dog Media Marketing Scholarship
OdS Scholarship Program
OJS Scholarship Program Lighthouse Technologies Scholarship
Online Marketing Giant Academic Scholarship
OnSite Appliance Scholarship
Open Listings “Take Big Risks” Scholarship
Opiates Annual Scholarship
OutdoorNinjas “outdoor enthusiast” Scholarship
Over The Top SEO Internet Marketing Scholarship
Page Law Scholarship Essay Contest
Paid Traffic Scholarship
Paradigm San Francisco General Education Scholarship
Paramount Builders Scholarship 
Parent’s Responsibilities To Their Autistic Children Scholarship
Paul Martin’s American Grill Scholarship 
Pelican Water’s bi-Annual $3,000 Sustainability Scholarship 
PFA Scholarship Program
Phil’s Reviews Video Scholarship
Phoenix Injury Lawyers Scholarship
Pick My Baby Care Scholarship
Picture Keeper’s Bi-Annual Scholarship Program
Poet Digital Media Scholarship
Point Foundation Community College Scholarship
Polito & Associates, LLC $2,500 Scholarship Contest
Polson & Polson, P.C Conquering Adversity Scholarship
PottyHQ Scholarship
Power Hand Tool Kit Annual Scholarship Scholarship Award
Preferred Injury Physicians
Pretty Lightroom Bi-Annual Scholarship Contest
Pretty Photoshop Actions Bi-Annual Scholarship Contest
Pre-Veterinary and General Animal Husbandry Education Scholarship
Preszler Injury Lawyers – Triumphing Over Adversity Scholarship
Price Benowitz Social Justice Scholarship
Promises Treatment Center Scholarship’s Student Savings Scholarship 2017
Provident Metals Scholarship Essay Contest
Q2 Scholarship  
QASymphony Scholarship
Quicken Loans Scholarship 
Polson & Polson Conquering Adversity Scholarship
Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano Scholarship
Publix Connection
RawSpiceBar Annual Scholarship
Reach Out Recovery Scholarship
Reborn Cabinets Scholarship  
Recovery Ranch Fall Scholarship
Redfin Scholarship
Reedsy National Creative Writing Scholarship
Rent Scholarship
Reputation Stacker Scholarship
Reston Limousine
Rest Right Matress Scholarship
Resume Monsters Scholarship
ReviewerTouch Scholarship
Reviews-Guide Digital Entrepreneurship Scholarship
Reward Expert Study Abroad Scholarship
Rice Injury Attorneys Scholarship
Rice Law Office Annual $1,500 Scholarship
Rise of Sigma Scholarship
RMD Essay Writing Scholarship
Robert J. Derby Scholarship
RW Icons Scholarship Program
Rybak Firm Scholarship
Safe is Smart Scholarship
Samer Habbas & Associates Scholarship
Sargent Injury Scholarship 
Scholarship by Design Award
Scholarship Essay Contest by
Scholarship Essay Contest by SolidEssay  
Scholarship for Children of Divorce and Single-Parent Families
Scholarships for Children of First Responders Scholarship
SEO Company Schoalrship Program
Seth Okin Good Deeds Scholarship
Sew Machines View Scholarship
Share Your Talent Scholarship
Shear Comfort Automotive Scholarship
ShirtSpace’s BiAnnual 2.5K Scholarship Scholarship
Simpli Learn Scholarship Program
Sixt Scholars Program
Skinner Law Firm $1000 Scholarship Essay Contest
Sleep Advisor Scholarship
Sleeping Organic Scholarship
Slepkow Slepkow & Associates Inc. Scholarship
Slickdeals Saves U! Scholarship
Slumber Search Disrupt Scholarship
Smoke-Free World Scholarship Contest
SmokerReviewsRatings Internet Marketing Scholarship
Soft Surroundings Essay Contest
Solar Action Alliance
Sonn Law Group Community Leader Scholarship
Sons of Vikings Scholarship
Sosinsky & Associates Scholarship
Space-o Technologies Scholarship
Speedy Payday Loans Scholarship
SP Guides Scholarship
Spodek Law Group $4000 Scholarship
Spolin Law Civil Rights and Criminal Law Essay Competition
SPORTATON Scholarship
Staver Law Group National Scholarship Scholarship Essay Contest
Steve Duckett Local Conservation Scholarship
Stewart J Guss College Student Scholarship
Straight North Scholarship
StyleWe Scholarship
Sublime Trails Wellness Scholarship
SumoGardener Scholarship
Sunesta Scholarship
The Support Collectors Scholarship
Surgent CPA Review Scholarship
Surgent Professional Education Schoalrship
SurveysSay Scholarship
Sutliff & Stout First Step Scholarship
Sweet Flow Digital Marketing Scholarship
Swol Headquarters Scholarship
Swope, Rodate P.A. Scholarship
Tactical Gears Lab Scholarship
TAG Scholarship
Tampa Bay Spine Center Road to Recovery Scholarship
Tanzania Odyssey Scholarship
Tassels 4 Education Annual Scholarship
TC Mastery Scholarship Program
Tech Leaders Scholarship Program
Techtyche Digital Media Scholarship
Ted & Stacey’s Mattress Guides Scholarship
TEMO Sunrooms Scholarship
TestCountry College Scholarship
Test Facts Marketing Scholarship
Test Prep HQ Scholarship
TGS Essays Scholarship
Thefancyvoyager Scholarship
The Future Scholarship
The Impact Scholarship
The Law Dictionary Scholarship
The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship 
The Musician Lab Scholarship
The Peck Law Firm Scholarship
The Reality Medics Scholarship
The Self Balancing Scooters Scholarship
Theater-Masks Bi-Annual Scholarship
Thomas Soldan Healthy Communities Scholarship
Timberhill Dental Community Star Scholarship
Top Baby Gears Scholarship Program
Travel Visa Pro Scholarship Program
Trekking Pole Reviews Scholarship
Trinity Autosport Technology Scholarship 2018
Tunisia Community College Scholarship Program
Turner Solutions Scholarship 
UberSignal Scholarship
UEW Healthcare EEOICPA Scholarship Scholarship
Unique Sleeps Scholarships
Unpakt College Scholarship
Upgraded Points Student Scholarship
uPONICS Scholarship Accident Law Immigration Scholarship Essay
Varsity Tutor Scholarship
Vidgotv TV Scholarship
Vinyl Fence Wholesaler Scholarship
Votacall Scholarship
VPN Compass Scholarship
Wallet Genius Writing Scholarship
Wallet Hacks Scholarship
Want a Fresh Start’s $1,000 Scholarship Essay Contest
Ward Law Group Better Future Scholarship
WebstaurantStore Culinary and Hospitality Scholarship  
Westwind Recovery Annual General Education Scholarship
What Happens To Your Brain And Body If You Don’t Sleep
Wheres My Caddie Scholarship
Whitley Law Firm Distracted Driving Prevention Scholarship College Scholarship Program
William H Hurst Bi-Annual $500 Scholarship
Wise Food Storage Scholarship Contest
Wise Merchant Scholarship
Writing Sharks Bi-Yearly Scholarship
WyzAnt College Scholarships
YNCY Annual $1000 Scholarship
Yonkers Honda Safe Driving Scholarship Annual Scholarship Award
Youth Forward Scholarship
Youth Volunteer Scholarship Award
Zavodnick, Zavodnick & Lasky, LLC Scholarship
Zippy Passive Income Business Scholarship
Zip Recruiter $3,000 Scholarship
Institute for International Education of Students 
International Students Scholarships and Financial Aid 
Prestigious Scholarships 
Study Abroad Scholarship Directory
Alabama National Guard
Alabama National Guard Scholarship Information
Military Officers Association of America’s 
New Scholarship for the Children of Fallen Service Members Benefit Veterans Benefits Scholarship  
Veterans Benefits Scholarship
Veterans United Foundation Scholarship

CollegeCounts Scholarship – A statewide scholarship program for students from the state of Alabama

AES  Engineering Solutions  (All Majors)
American Society of Civil Engineers
American Society of Mechanical Engineers – ASME 
The ASCENT Scholarship
HomeTechLab STEM Scholarship
NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars
Novus Biologicals Scholarship Program
RevPart Spring 2018 STEM Scholarship
Science, Mathematics and Research Transformation Scholarships
STEM Scholarship from
Toptal STEM Scholarship
Women in STEM
2014 McPhearson Foundation Inc. Scholarship
McPhearson Scholarship application
X3Watch Multiple Sclerosis Scholarship
Alabama Home Builders Foundation scholarships
American Welding Society Foundation Scholarships
Horatio Alger National Career & Technical Scholarship Program
Karman Disability Scholarship
Technical Generation Scholarship
Open Education Database
Jack Kent Cook Foundation Transfer Scholarship
Point Foundation provides financial support, mentoring, leadership training and hope to 
meritorious students who are marginalized due to sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.
Academic Works
Best Colleges College Affordability for Minority Students
Campus Explorer Scholarships
Career One Stop
Fast WEB Scholarship Search 
Federal Scholarship and Aid – Best Scholarship Platforms –  What Should You Know About Scholarships – How Do Scholarship Platforms Work? – What Students Should Know Before They Search For A Scholarship – Guide To Applying For Scholarships
Scholarships for Students 
Spokeo Annual Top 50 Scholarships List
The Sallie Mae Fund
The Simple Dollar College Scholarship Guide
Scholly Scholarship app
Scholarships for Female Students
Scholarships for Students with Disabilities
Student Loan Hero