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Student Spotlight

As the National Junior College Athletic Association’s 2017-18 Women’s National Player of the Year, Cierra Johnson’s athletic talent speaks for itself.  However, it is the strength of Cierra’s character that is leading her to continued success.  Following her spring 2018 graduation, Cierra signed with the University of Alabama to play Division I Women’s Basketball.  In this brief look at Cierra’s time as a Lady Buc, learn about how Cierra used hard work and determination to ultimately make her Shelton Statement.  Click here for a look at Cierra’s Shelton Statement.

From her earliest beginnings as a self-described “shampoo girl” to owning what is now a thriving small business, Emily Summerville’s Shelton Statement continues beyond the classroom.  Successfully completing both her associate degree in applied science and her cosmetology instructor training while working part-time in her field, Emily had a clear understanding of the hard work and long hours involved in being a successful stylist.  Additionally, she took to heart the effort required to grow a personal business through advertisement.  After years of working successfully for other people and promoting her brand, Emily opened The Nook earlier this year.  She employs local stylists, gives back to her community, and remains actively involved with the Shelton State Cosmetology department.  It is her combination of entrepreneurial spirit with talent and integrity that makes Emily Summerville one of Shelton State’s examples of education that works.  Click here for a look at Emily’s Shelton Statement.

Donna Smith’s Shelton Statement is about perseverance. A single mom, Donna discovered she had coronary artery disease while pursuing her future in the Practical Nursing program Shelton State. Following open heart surgery she was forced to temporarily drop out of the program and lost her home in a fire while recovering. These challenges could have discouraged Donna, but instead, she graduated. Her instructors took a personal interest in her and inspired her to complete her degree.


Jheovanny Gomez is proud to make his Shelton Statement. A graduate of Shelton State with a degree in Business Administration, he was once a waiter who dreamed to own his own business. With English as his second language, the instructors at Shelton State were caring and focused on helping him understand and succeed. In 2003, his dream was realized when he opened the first Jalapeno’s Restaurant in downtown Tuscaloosa. Jheovanny currently serves on the Shelton State Foundation Board.