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Everyone has a story.  From simple observations to extraordinary circumstances, the people around us have compelling stories to share.  Stories of leadership and dedication…of opportunities that inspire others…of accomplishments and experiences that encourage, teach, and point toward the future.  Whether current students and graduates or faculty and staff, these are the people who make an impact.  These are their stories.


Together, this is our Shelton Statement.

Simone Barber

A recent graduate in Welding Technology, Simone Barber’s Shelton Statement is about expecting the unexpected.  After arriving at Shelton State without a major or any background knowledge or experience, she found her “spark” in the many opportunities available in welding.  In a field often associated with males, Simone encourages females to explore the possibilities that are available in the program. View Simone’s Shelton Statement.

LeAnna Roberts

LeAnna Roberts may be young, but she knows exactly where she wants her career path to lead. Following in the footsteps of her family members, LeAnna has set her sights on a career in medicine and has take a huge step forward in meeting that goal. LeAnna’s Shelton Statement shows us that commitment and dedication don’t have an age requirement and that Shelton State’s dual enrollment program is leading students to realize their dreams earlier than ever! View LeAnna’s Shelton Statement.

Growing up, Courtney Franklin had no idea that she would someday trade her dolls for tools!  A Mechatronics and ILT graduate, Courtney is now a full-time employee at MBUSI.  She credits Shelton State’s on-the-job training with opening unexpected doors and preparing her for an exciting career that has just begun! View her Shelton Statement here.

As part of a College-wide contest, Sebrina Anderson reached out to share her Shelton Statement.  Meeting her and learning more about her story was inspiring for us, and we are confident that she will make you a believer in the possibilities available at Shelton State!  Sebrina shuts down any stereotypical views of a job in machining and gives insight into how the machine tool program changed her life.  Let her story change your life, too!  Thank you for sharing your Shelton Statement, Sebrina! View her Shelton Statement here.

As a dual enrollment student from Hale County High School, Lillian Holmes is making her Shelton Statement early!  Despite early fear, Lily registered for classes at Shelton State and found a home away from home.  Finding SSCC to be an atmosphere that made her comfortable from the beginning, she is well on her way to making her transition from high school to college a successful one.  Let us make you feel welcome, too!  View her Shelton Statement here.

A lifelong member of the West Alabama community, Lance Hocutt knows the importance of a hometown approach to education. Through opportunities made possible by Shelton State, Lance’s college career included an important transfer to a four-year degree program and a successful path for his future. Giving credit to those who influenced his decisions, Lance shares his thoughts on the secure foundation he built as a community college student. View his Shelton Statement here.

Brittany Crook is no stranger to Shelton State. As a former student and national championship cheerleader for the College and the current cheer coach, she fully understands maintaining the Buccaneers’ legacy of excellence. Though there is pressure associated with maintaining a winning tradition for the twelve-time (and counting!) national championship cheer squad, Crook believes that all successful student athletes at Shelton State make their Shelton Statements through determination, hard work, focus, and drive. Click here for a look at Brittany’s Shelton Statement.

As a high school student, Holly Hatcher accidentally found herself in a drafting course. Although she couldn’t have imagined at the time, she was discovering her career path. As a current employee of McAbee Construction in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Holly incorporates the skills she learned in engineering graphics and design technology into her daily tasks and projects. The program fostered her innate creativity while enhancing her prior knowledge and exposing her to current trends and practices. Click here for a look at Holly’s Shelton Statement.

Jerry Snoddy makes his Shelton Statement every day. While attending the air conditioning and refrigeration program in 2011, he met fellow student Suresh Singh. The two formed a friendship that carries over to their current business partnership as co-owners of Just Right Heating & Cooling. When asked about the value of his time at Shelton State, Jerry is quick to point to the foundation of his classroom knowledge and the expertise of his instructors. Click here for Jerry’s Shelton Statement.

Jheovanny Gomez is proud to make his Shelton Statement. A graduate of Shelton State with a degree in Business Administration, he was once a waiter who dreamed of owning his own business. With English as his second language, the instructors at Shelton State were caring and focused on helping him understand and succeed. In 2003, his dream was realized when he opened the first Jalapeno’s Restaurant in downtown Tuscaloosa. Jheovanny currently serves on the Shelton State Foundation Board. Click here for a look at Jheovanny’s Shelton Statement.

Are you interested in being your own boss?  Toya Carter arrived at Shelton State with a four-year degree, but in search of additional preparation for starting her own business. As a graphic designer, Toya understood the creative aspects of her career, but enrolled in the Management and Supervision program to learn the specifics of general business. As a graduate of the program, she is now successfully working in her field with the knowledge required to be an independent freelancer. Click here for a look at Toya’s Shelton Statement.

Though she began her career as a nurse, Tama Rogers found her Shelton Statement through the Culinary Arts program at Shelton State. A Shelton State Foundation Scholarship recipient, Tama entered culinary arts after her husband succumbed to a lengthy illness. When caring for her husband, she knew how to handle his physical needs, but was unsure how to provide proper nutrition. In an effort to prevent this struggle for others, Tama plans to combine her culinary skills and her nursing skills to provide total patient care for those battling cancer. Spend a few moments hearing Tama’s inspirational story.

Sean Jones has set his Shelton Statement to music.  A recipient of a Fine Arts Scholarship from Shelton State and a Shelton State Foundation Scholarship, Sean is making those most of his experiences at Alabama’s Community College of the Fine Arts.  Sean plans to use the skills and knowledge he gains at Shelton State to transfer to a four-year school and major in education.  With plans to someday give back through music programs in Alabama schools, Sean is making his great-grandmother proud and preparing to live his dreams.   Click here for a look at Sean’s Shelton Statement.

Alicia Holloway’s career as a nurse practitioner began with strong preparation.  As a graduate of Shelton State’s nursing program and a recipient of a master’s degree, Alicia attributes her continued academic and professional success to the experience and training she received from clinical and classroom experiences at Shelton State.  With confidence made possible by a challenging curriculum and supportive instructors, the gratitude she feels for a strong career foundation is Alicia Holloway’s Shelton Statement.  Click here for a look at Alicia’s Shelton Statement.

As a working respiratory therapist, Ulescia Prince credits her experience at Shelton State with making her real-world ready.  A graduate of Shelton State’s respiratory therapy program, quality instruction and unparalleled opportunities prepared her not only for a potential career, but allowed her to actually secure a job prior to graduation.  “They set you up for success,” she notes.

Committed to her personal growth and to the mission of the College, Ulescia is also former Shelton State Ambassador.   She believes in the possibilities available through Shelton State and encourages others to follow her lead in making their Shelton Statement.  Click here for a look at Ulescia’s Shelton Statement.

As a Shelton State Ambassador, Taylor Rodgers was prepared to introduce the community to opportunities at Shelton State.  In the process, she found that Shelton State introduced her to new opportunities, as well.    While pursuing a degree in the Business Office Management and Technology program, Taylor benefited not only from her coursework, but also through the connections she made while enrolled.  The preparation Taylor received as a student provided a foundation for her continued success at The University of Alabama.  As a transient student, she now continues her Shelton Statement by taking additional required courses at SSCC.  Click here for a look at Taylor’s Shelton Statement.

As co-owner of Fitz-Thors Engineering, Matt Fitzgerald benefits not only from his experience as a former Shelton State student, but also from the training received by those he employs.  The experience he gained in Shelton State’s machine shop contributed largely to his appreciation of the hands-on preparation necessary for his employees.  With a Shelton Statement of encouragement to potential students, Matt hopes to inspire future engineers to take advantage of the career opportunities available at Shelton State.  Click here for a look at Matt’s Shelton Statement.

“Life happens, and it is going to keep happening.  Make a decision to pursue your dreams anyway.” When asked about the advice she would give to students considering Shelton State, Ready to Work graduate Felecia Moton shared this Shelton Statement about arriving on her current career path.  With a background in drafting and design technology, Felecia is using the resources and knowledge she gained in Ready to Work to meet her future goals.  From workplace behavior to financial responsibility, Felecia feels prepared to enter the workforce, and the value of her training is easily recognized by employers.  Click here for a look at Felecia’s Shelton Statement.

Michael and Kaelyn Hunter have made their Shelton Statement a family activity!  Carrying on a Shelton State student legacy that began with his father, Michael Hunter is an Air Force veteran currently serving time in the Shelton State culinary kitchen.  With passion for the artistry of the profession, Michael’s interest continues to evolve through the various aspects of the culinary arts program.


At her father’s side and attending Shelton State as a dual enrollment student, Kaelyn Hunter is taking full advantage of opportunities available to high school students. While earning college credits, Kaelyn is also developing study habits, learning practical skills, and having a great time!  Click here for a look at their Shelton Statement.

Robert Miller’s educational journey has afforded him many experiences while pursuing his future in mechanical engineering. From his earliest classes at Shelton State through dual enrollment to his current work in a Ph.D. program at The University of Alabama, Rob is no stranger to hard work and complicated concepts.  He recognizes the value of his time at Shelton State.  The quality instruction and personal guidance he received while in the machine tool technology and computerized numerical control programs provided more than just a degree and preparation– they were stepping stones to his career pathway.  Click here for a look at Robert’s Shelton Statement.

Christina Trikoris knows the apprehension a potential student feels before walking on campus and vividly remembers the fear of the unknown about attending college.  Fortunately, Christina took her first step inside the door and into a bright future!  With assistance from Veterans Affairs and Vocational Rehab, Christina is turning her food service experience in the military into a career in nutrition.   “Course flexibility, administrative support, and excellent preparation,” are included in Christina’s Shelton Statement as she moves to the four-year college level and beyond.

A partner and senior project manager at Ward Scott Architecture, Wally Burge’s passion for architecture led him to Shelton State’s Engineering Graphics and Design Technology program.  As a graduate of the College’s drafting program, Wally credits his instructors and internship experiences with creating a strong foundation from which to build his career, and he encourages students to learn as much as possible about opportunities available through Shelton State programs.


A Shelton State family, both Wally and his wife are former graduates, and his daughter is a current student and member of the College’s honor program, Phi Theta Kappa.

As the National Junior College Athletic Association’s 2017-18 Women’s National Player of the Year, Cierra Johnson’s athletic talent speaks for itself.  However, it is the strength of Cierra’s character that is leading her to continued success.  Following her spring 2018 graduation, Cierra signed with the University of Alabama to play Division I Women’s Basketball.  In this brief look at Cierra’s time as a Lady Buc, learn about how Cierra used hard work and determination to ultimately make her Shelton Statement.  Click here for a look at Cierra’s Shelton Statement.

From her earliest beginnings as a self-described “shampoo girl” to owning what is now a thriving small business, Emily Summerville’s Shelton Statement continues beyond the classroom.  Successfully completing both her associate degree in applied science and her cosmetology instructor training while working part-time in her field, Emily had a clear understanding of the hard work and long hours involved in being a successful stylist.  Additionally, she took to heart the effort required to grow a personal business through advertisement.  After years of working successfully for other people and promoting her brand, Emily opened The Nook earlier this year.  She employs local stylists, gives back to her community, and remains actively involved with the Shelton State Cosmetology department.  It is her combination of entrepreneurial spirit with talent and integrity that makes Emily Summerville one of Shelton State’s examples of education that works.  Click here for a look at Emily’s Shelton Statement.

A graduate of the Shelton State nursing program, Donna Smith’s Shelton Statement is about perseverance.  Initially enrolled in 2014, Donna was forced to withdraw from the program she loved following a diagnosis of coronary artery disease and subsequent open-heart surgery.  While recovering, Donna lost all her possessions in a home fire. As a single mother raising two children – one with spina bifida – Donna could easily have become discouraged.  Instead, she found that “pressure was a privilege.” Donna drew strength and encouragement from her instructors at Shelton State because of the personal interest they took in her. “This is a great launching pad – it’s a family.”  Don’t let your own challenges stand in the way of your dreams.  Be inspired by Donna and begin your Shelton Statement today.