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Education that Works for You

It’s learning in real-life context, preparing you for a real-world future. Shelton State is a place where academic skills transfer to workplace skills. Through on-campus leadership opportunities, progressive partnerships with local industry, and innovative instructors with practical experience, Shelton State prepares you for gainful employment and enhanced quality of life. It’s education that works.

Financial Aid

Shelton State makes higher education accessible for everyone with the overall investment a fraction of the cost of traditional four-year institutions or for-profit vocational schools.


Shelton State offers both instructional and athletic scholarships to qualified students. Learn more about scholarship application deadlines, and determine your eligibility.

Tuition and Fees

An unbeatable value for your dollars, Shelton State is a smart investment in your education. It’s your way forward.

Next Steps

With open admission for superior educational and training opportunities, it’s the place where your education works for you. It’s your time.