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Exam Proctoring

SmarterProctoring Information

Shelton State is now using SmarterProctoring for all proctored testing. Overall, SmarterProctoring offers an easy-to-use, credible way to manage and administer proctor exams with support for all types of classes. It integrates with Canvas and allows the instructor and student options for how an exam is to be taken. For more information view SmarterProctoring Options. Ultimately, which of the choices are available to the student depends on what options the instructor makes available for an individual test.

SSCC Students On-Campus Access to Computers

With instructor approval, exam proctoring for SmarterProctoring is available on campus in Testing and Assessment Lab, Room 1824.


An appointment is necessary to have the course exam proctored in the Testing and Assessment Center. Proctors will not be able to proctor the exam unless the appointment was made through Canvas under myShelton.


Scheduling Appointments:

  1. Log into myShelton
  2. Click on Canvas
  3. Click on Course under Dashboard
  4. Click on Proctoring

Several options for days and times are available for proctoring if the instructor approved on campus proctoring.
If the exam is not listed, check with the instructor for further instructions.

Testing and Assessment Policies and Procedures for Exams


  • Students must know their log in credentials to access the exam.
  • Children and other visitors are not allowed in the room during testing.
  • Computers with cameras are limited, so be prepared to wait during peak times.

Off Campus Proctored Exam

Off campus students that need to test, and their exam is not in Honorlock, should check with their instructor about obtaining an appropriate proctor.


It is the responsibility of the student to secure an acceptable proctor and ensure that the Student/Proctor Agreement Form is completed and submitted to Testing and Assessment at testing@sheltonstate.edu. Guidelines for obtaining an appropriate proctor is listed on the Student/Proctor Agreement Form.


Students enrolled in full term classes must submit the form at least two (2) weeks prior to the exam. Students enrolled in split term classes, must submit the form at least one (1) week prior to the exam. The student must pay all expenses associated with proctoring off campus exams.

Test Proctoring Procedures for Non-SSCC Students

To schedule an exam as a non-SSCC student, visit exam registration. For questions, email testing@sheltonstate.edu.


Please note the following:

  • Non-refundable Fee: $30.00 for exams two hours or less
  • $50.00 for exams over two hours