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Exam Proctoring

Scheduling Information for Currently Enrolled

Testing and Assessment Services will proctor exams for SSCC students who need to have their exam proctored in a secure setting.  All exams are by appointment only and space is limited.

Proctoring of SSCC proctored on exams are only offered upon approval of the instructor and within the guidelines provided below. Students and instructors using our services must be familiar with all testing procedures. Please read all information before utilizing the Testing and Assessment Center proctoring services.


  • Paper/Pencil and computer-based exams are offered on Monday at  8:30, 10:30 a.m., 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. and on Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. during the semester.
  • Paper/pencil and computer-based exams may be proctored in the Testing and Assessment Center.

Testing and Assessment Policies and Procedures for Exams

  • Proctoring services are to be used for individual make-up exams and online classes only. The Testing and Assessment Center cannot accommodate testing for entire classes.
  • Proctored exams are by appointment only.
  • Testing and Assessment staff will proctor the exam.  The proctor’s function is to ensure procedural integrity and security of the exam in a secure environment.
  • Make-up exams will be offered only during semester sessions.
  • Exam proctors will not collect or disseminate any non-proctored materials including homework, papers, surveys, or take-home tests.
  • Exams must be turned in immediately when the specified time limit is over, no exceptions.
  • Proctors will follow the instructor’s specific testing instructions attached to the exam.
  • If a student is caught cheating, they will be suspended from future testing opportunities in the Testing and Assessment Center until disciplinary actions have been determined.  The instructor will be immediately notified.
  • Currently enrolled Shelton State students are not charged a fee to complete a make-up exam for courses taught at Shelton State.
  • Children and other visitors are not allowed in the Testing and Assessment Center during make-up exams.
  • Students must contact the Office of Disability Services if they require ADA accommodations for make-up exams. Instructors should also contact the Office of Disability Services if they have questions regarding accommodations for students.

Student Instructions

  • You must register through the online registration system to take an exam.
  • Before scheduled exam date, students should notify the instructor of scheduled make-up exam date and review instructor’s guidelines, instructions, and materials that may be used on the exam.
  • Student should ask the instructor to deliver exam to Testing and Assessment Center at least four days before their scheduled testing date.  Specific exam delivery instructions are available in the instructor instructions.
  • Students are responsible for providing any materials needed for testing such as calculators, blue books, and pencils.  Proctors will provide and collect all scratch paper at the end of the exam.
  • Students should report to the Testing and Assessment Center, Room 1826, at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled make-up time.
  • Before being seated for the exam, students are required to provide an official, non-expired, and current picture ID.
  • Students must know their instructor’s name and the class name.
  • No electronic devices of any sort will be allowed while testing, unless specifically noted by the instructor.
  • Books, bags, and other belongings must be left in the locker provided by Testing and Assessment Services.
  • If a student cancels their appointment or fails to show, the exam will be returned to the instructor.  It will then be the student’s responsibility to meet with the instructor to determine eligibility for retesting.

Instructor Instructions

  1. Approval for a student to take a proctored exam in the Testing and Assessment Center is at the discretion of the instructor.
  2. Testing and Assessment staff will proctor the exam based on the instructions of the instructor, but have no authority to approve an exam for a student nor make any changes to the instructions.
  3. All exam instructions (testing procedures, maximum time limit, and calculator use) must be reviewed with the student prior to coming in for the exam.
  4. The instructor may email the exam and proctoring instructions to or deliver the exam to the Testing and Assessment Center located in front of the Bean-Brown Theatre on the east side of the building on the Martin Campus.
  5. Exams need to be delivered at least by Thursday before the week of the exam.

Test Proctoring Procedures for SSCC Students

Students wishing to take tests on a site other than Shelton State Community College must have the approval of the instructor for an  appropriate proctor to administer the exam. It is the responsibility of the student to secure the acceptable proctor and ensure that the Student/Proctor Agreement Form is completed and submitted to Testing and Assessment.  Students enrolled in full term classes must submit the form at least two (2) weeks prior to the exam.  Students enrolled in split term classes, must submit the form at least one (1) week prior to the exam.  The student must pay all expenses associated with proctoring exams.

Test Proctoring Procedures for Non-SSCC Students

To have your test proctored through the Shelton State Community College Testing Center, you must contact the Testing Center at  The Testing Center will respond to your email to schedule dates and times.


Please note the following:

  • Non-refundable Fee: $30.00 for exams two hours or less
  • $50.00 for exams over two hours