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Converted Credit Hour Programs

Federal regulations require colleges to convert hours for certain certificate programs based on a national formula.  Most often the conversion process results in lower Pell payments per term.  Please review the scholarship section of our website to look for additional funding opportunities.


Clock Hour Program – a program paid based on the number of contact hours per course

Please select your program of study and print the conversion information.  Your award status will be based on the financial aid converted hours, not the actual credit hours.


Diesel Mechanics


NOTE: It is the students responsibility to ensure program of study and enrolled courses are correct.  Financial aid cannot pay for courses outside of the official program of study listed in myShelton.  Contact your educational planner to change your program of study and select appropriate classes.


You may be enrolled full time academically; however, your financial aid will be calculated using converted hours.  Please use the tables to determine your financial aid enrollment status.  If you have questions, please contact our office at