Placement Score Information
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Placement Score Information

The level of your reading, writing, and math skills needs to be determined to place you in the appropriate classes.  Several different methods, including previous college credit you’ve earned, SAT or ACT scores, high school GPA and grade markers or through an placement assessment, may be used to measure levels.


You can complete assessment in any of the following three ways:

ACT or SAT Scores

Have you already taken the ACT or SAT?  Scores of 17 or higher on the math, and the English sections of the ACT, or 510 or higher on the math, and English sections of the SAT can be accepted for your assessment if they were completed within the last five years. Review our table of ACT and SAT score equivalencies.

Previous College Courses or Associate Degree

Have you already earned college credits or an Associate Degree at another college or university?  If so, submit your college transcripts to the Enrollment Services Office.  College level math and English classes, with a grade of “C” or higher, taken at another regionally, accredited institution, may be used to waive the ACCUPLACER exam.

ACCUPLACER Placement Assessment

If you do not have previous college credit or an ACT or SAT score that satisfies the assessment requirement, you will need to take the placement assessment. Scores on the placement assessment will determine which English, reading, and math classes will be taken. You must meet certain scores to place into college-level classes. Review our table of ACCUPLACER score equivalencies.

High School GPA and Grade Markers

If you have a 2.75 or higher high school GPA that is within the last five years, you may be placed into college level classes. Final high school GPA posted on transcript and a grade of C or higher, will be used to determine course placement. Review our table of high school grade and GPA score equivalencies.