Accelerated High School
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Accelerated High School

A student who earns college credit while still in high school is considered an accelerated high school student.

  • Submit Shelton State application online.
  • Submit and upload a copy of your photo ID within your application portal.
  • Submit and upload a completed Accelerated High School Permission Form within your application portal.
  • Provide a copy of your current high school transcript.
  • Complete all high school prerequisites. For example, an accelerated high school student cannot take college English courses until all high school English courses have been completed.

Note: Students must have a minimum overall 3.0 GPA, be enrolled in 11th or 12th grade, and meet all prerequisite requirements listed in the SSCC College Catalog. Students must submit appropriate ACT/SAT scores or complete placement testing.



Students will be able to register online in myShelton once all documentation and approvals have been granted.  Accelerated students will only be approved to register for the specific courses listed on the Accelerated High School Permission Form.


Returning accelerated students do not need to reapply each term but must submit an updated Accelerated High School Permission Form each term.


Accelerated high school students will have a restriction on their account, preventing them from obtaining an official transcript until after high school graduation.


Accelerated high school students converting to a first-time freshman must notify Enrollment Services of a change of status if they have not graduated from high school prior to attempting to register for classes. (Usually, this only occurs in the spring semester when the student plans to enroll in the summer semester.)



This award is for a student who is enrolling or is currently enrolled in the accelerated high school program or dual enrollment program at Shelton State. The student must have a minimum high school unweighted GPA of 3.0.  The student must be enrolled at Shelton State during the time that the award will be used. The award may be applied toward tuition and fees only.  A student may receive no more than 6 credit hours per semester.  To apply, visit Shelton State Community College Foundation Accelerated/Dual Enrollment Scholarship.