Canvas and Security
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Shelton State Community College believes in maintaining high security in eLearning technologies. The information below explains the policies in place as they relate to Canvas.



Canvas is the learning management system (LMS) Shelton State Community College has used to administer, document, and deliver curricular courses since 2016. Canvas requires all users to log in with an individual username and password, as discussed below.


The following types of personal information may be automatically collected and stored in Canvas’s server logs:

    • your internet protocol address;
    • device event information such as crashes, system activity, hardware settings, browser type, browser language, the date and time of your request, and referral URL;
    • on-page click events including, but not limited to login events, viewing content pages, launching tools, uploading files, posting to forums and discussions, authoring calendar items, submitting quizzes; and
    • user assigned or calculated records including, but not limited to, grading rubric scores, grade scores, badge and outcome achievement awards


Personal information is also transferred from Shelton State’s registration system to Canvas, including student name, A#, email address, and enrollment information.


All information stored in Canvas is stored and backed up in secure data centers run by Amazon Web Services in the United States. Information is not stored on Shelton’s campus because modern software, including most LMS systems, is moving to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, under which software is hosted in central servers in the “cloud”. These systems are just as secure as locally hosted systems. This is a very secure storage service that is used by many public institutions across the United States.


Students cannot opt-out of Canvas because it is important for all students to use Canvas to ensure that Shelton can deliver its courses and programs effectively. Rest assured that Canvas is a secure system. You can read more about its security features for details.


Secure Login and Password

When students are first admitted to Shelton State Community College, each student is issued an A# and a unique email address. The A# is randomly generated and unique to each student. The email address is used by the student to log into the majority of systems at Shelton including Canvas, my.Shelton, email, Office 365, and Banner.


Test Proctoring Validity

Student identity is confirmed when students test using HonorLock to proctor online exams. In order to begin an exam, they must show either a government-issued or Shelton State issued identification. Without the identification, the student will not be able to begin the exam.