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Labs & Facilities

Students enrolled in the Nursing Programs at Shelton State Community College have available to them all College resources which are available to the general student population. As one of the Two Year College System student-oriented community colleges, Shelton State provides students with a quality academic and social environment in which to learn.


The Nursing Programs facilities are located on the second floor of the Martin Campus.  The Martin campus is located at 9500 Old Greensboro Road off Hwy 69 South. The campus is built on the mall concept with individuals being able to enter the building and access any program or department without having to exit the building. The Nursing Skills lab is located on the west wing of the campus.  It is a twenty unit high-tech laboratory used for student skill practice.  It is equipped with a variety of models, patient simulators, manikins, equipment and supplies to support student skill practice.  All classrooms are equipped to facilitate student learning.


The dedicated nursing computer lab is equipped with networked computers and provide cyberspace connectivity to the internet  It provides simulated nursing software which gives students the opportunity to learn at their own pace.