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Tuscaloosa City Schools, Shelton State Community College Announce “You Are In!” Partnership

Shelton State Community College Admit Express Day

April 22, 2022 – Shelton State Community College and The Tuscaloosa City Schools are embarking on an innovative partnership that will hopefully have a powerful impact on countless high school graduates.


Starting this month, all graduates of the Tuscaloosa City Schools will be automatically accepted to Shelton State Community College, all they have to have is a photo ID and to complete a free entrance process to register for classes.


“Shelton State Community College is excited to partner with the Tuscaloosa City Schools to offer all graduating seniors a pathway to college,” said Dr. Chris Cox, interim president of Shelton State Community College.


It is the first time TCS and SSCC have embarked on such a partnership for admission.


“We want to ensure that all TCS graduates have a plan when they graduate high school, whether the student is employed, enlisted or enrolled,” said TCS Superintendent Dr. Mike Daria. “This partnership helps gives students a path forward and assists them in the process of furthering their education.”


Admissions personnel from Shelton will be visiting Northridge, Central and Paul W. Bryant high schools the week of April 25 to meet with students and assist them in the process as part of an “admit express day.” Once admitted, all students will select their day to meet advisors, register for classes, tour the College and meet other new students.


WHAT: Press Conference with Shelton State Community College and the Tuscaloosa City Schools

WHERE: Tuscaloosa City Schools Central Office, 1210 21st Ave., Tuscaloosa, AL. 35401

WHEN: 10 a.m. Monday, April 25

WHO: Superintendent Dr. Mike Daria and SSCC Interim President Dr. Chris Cox will be on hand to discuss a new partnership with the media.