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Shelton State Workforce Development and Women’s Foundation of Alabama Support Single Mothers Through Job Preparation

November 7, 2023 – When Shelton State Community College (SSCC) Workforce Development’s current Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) cohort members complete program requirements in November, the total number of women who have earned their CDL and other certifications at the College will reach fourteen. With financial support from the Women’s Foundation of Alabama, the training for these women has included Alabama Career Essentials, forklift training, resiliency training, and the National Career Readiness Certificate. The hard work and dedication exhibited from those enrolled have not gone unnoticed.


“We have been so impressed with the determination we’ve seen in the single mothers who have taken advantage of these opportunities,” stated Nicole DuBose, SSCC’s Director of Workforce Development. “By partnering with the Women’s Foundation of Alabama, we’ve been able to help these strong women move toward empowering career options.”


The Women’s Foundation of Alabama is a leading voice and philanthropic engine for women in the state, driving a mission of gender and economic equity. A trusted leader in the philanthropic sector for more than two decades, in recent years, the Foundation has strategically expanded its power and influence beyond the Birmingham area and even beyond philanthropy, creating systemic change through ground-breaking research and legislative advocacy.


With assistance from the Women’s Foundation of Alabama, Shydelle Walker recently completed the College’s CDL program and is currently employed by CEMEX USA. A single mom of one, Ms. Walker is grateful for her new career path. “This program is great, and I encourage other women to enroll and be a part,” stated Walker. “You have to want it – you have to be self-driven, but you make the sacrifices because you have a family, and you want to do what is best and most supportive for them.”  Walker shared that her current job with CEMEX is unlike what some might think of when they consider work in CDL. “Even though some days require a lot of hours, I’m based locally and not traveling away from my child.” She also shared her positive experiences with Shelton State and the Women’s Foundation of Alabama. “My instructors and the people helping me worked with my schedule and encouraged me at a time when there was no other support system. I can only hope this program continues for others.”


To learn more about opportunities available through Shelton State’s Workforce Development, visit to learn more or apply.