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Tuscaloosa, Alabama – In its continuing efforts to meet the needs of the West Alabama community during the COVID-19 pandemic, Shelton State Community College recently began enrolling students in an online version of free Ready to Work training.


More than sixty students enrolled in the cohort that began on April 6, and they are completing requirements using a smartphone or a personal computer.  Class participants meet together with an instructor via Zoom, and assignments are completed independently.  Course topics include workplace communication, workplace behavior, problem solving, computer literacy, and financial literacy.   The course can be completed in three weeks.


“We are excited to offer an online version of Ready to Work to any displaced worker during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Nicole DuBose, Shelton State’s Director of Training for Business and Industry.    “We’ve adjusted course delivery and assignments so that students can complete the course remotely, and all students are assigned an instructor who will guide them through this updated version of training.”


Alabama’s Ready to Work program provides a career pathway for individuals with limited education and employment experience and entry-level skills needed for employment with most businesses and industries in the state.  This training is provided at no cost to participants.


“Some of our industries are at a greater need for employees during the COVID-19 crisis, but we need a way to prepare those workers for their careers. Virtual Ready to Work allows us to do just that,” stated Donny Jones, Chief Operating Officer of the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama and Executive Director of the Region 3 Workforce Development Council/West Alabama Works.  “This is also a way to help individuals who may have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. They can receive great training while remaining safe and practicing social distancing.”


Transitioning to the online environment has been of great benefit to participants. “This pandemic came out of nowhere,” said Albert Lee, a current student in the online Ready to Work cohort.  “I received a message that I could take the Ready to Work classes online, and I was supremely elated!”


New cohorts will be launched on April 13 and April 20.  Individuals interested in registering for this free, online training can find information at  For additional information or questions, please contact Shelton State Workforce Development at