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Shelton State Adult Family Literacy Week Brings Together Community of Learners

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October 19, 2023 – Shelton State Community College’s (SSCC) Adult Education recently celebrated Adult Family Literacy Week (AFLW) with unique activities that encouraged student and family involvement. During this special week, opportunities were available to students interested in pursuing their GED to take next steps on their educational journeys.  The week also provided a special family event for Adult Education and the College’s First Class Pre-K.


An activity that has proven popular in previous years of AFLW is “Challenge Days.” This year’s Challenge Days were no different with over forty students participating in a low-pressure chance to try a GED practice test. “Challenge Days are one of my most successful out-of-the-box ideas in Adult Education,” said Kristen Bobo, SSCC’s Director of Adult Education. “Challenge Days motivate students to ‘rip off the band-aid’ and take the GED Ready practice test without fear.  We use fun incentives to push students out of their comfort zones and into their next steps.”  One such incentive found Bobo on the receiving end of a pie in the face. “Whatever it takes to motivate our students,” Bobo laughingly continued.


This incentive activity was one of many things contributing to the fun atmosphere at Family Literacy and Art Night.  More than sixty people attended the joint event between Adult Education and the College’s First Class Pre-K. Students and their families celebrated the power of reading together while also sharing food, games, and art. All participating students used their art to create the College’s “Reading Wing Wall of Dreams” that will be located in the soon-to-be renovated Adult Education building.


“The power of reading cannot be underestimated,” said Bobo. “One of the ways our Adult Education program is similar to our Pre-K program is through our common belief that reading gives us the strength, power, and wings to fly and reach our dreams at any age. The wall will serve as a visual reminder of that very concept.”


Shelton State Adult Education and First Class Pre-K are located on the College’s Fredd Campus. For additional information on opportunities available through either program, visit Specific questions concerning Adult Education may be directed to Kristen Bobo at, and specific questions for First Class Pre-K may be sent to Holly Glasgow at