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Formed shortly after Shelton State Community College came into existence, the Music Department has built an outstanding reputation for both training and performance.  The continuing excellence of the program is a tribute to highly trained faculty, talented students, and the supportive administration of the College. Students can prepare for degrees in music or simply participate in the various ensembles and performance areas. Music-making might range from playing jazz to singing an aria or from entertaining local school children to performing in Carnegie Hall.  We encourage the highest level of skill in performance but do so in a nurturing environment. Scholarships are available to gifted students even if they do not intend to pursue a career in the arts. Please look closely at the many different aspects of our Music Department, then join us as we make music together!


The Shelton Singers was the first ensemble to be established in the Shelton State Music Department and is the primary concert choir of the college. An auditioned concert choir, the choir performs standard choral literature in a minimum of two concerts each semester.


The Bach to Rock ensemble is a smaller group of auditioned choral students who perform a show which includes foreign language and English art songs, spirituals, Gospel songs, jazz, country, pop, R&B, and musical theatre. Bach to Rock performs within the Tuscaloosa community and West Alabama high schools. The Bach to Rock ensemble is under the umbrella of the Arts Council of Tuscaloosa, which has stated that every year Bach to Rock is their most requested educational program.



Concert Band is a large ensemble that meets once a week on Monday evenings. This ensemble is focused on the preparation of works for wind band and gives one concert a semester in the large group format. Other performances may be performed by smaller ensembles made up of members from the large group.


Jazz Ensemble is a traditional Big Band this group has a maximum of 5 saxophones, 5 trombones, 5 trumpets, and rhythm section (guitar, piano, bass, drums). Preparing music for large jazz ensemble this group performs a minimum of 2 concerts per semester and hosts an annual jazz festival with a nationally recognized guest clinician/soloist.


Jazz Combo is a small group of select students that focuses on improvisation in jazz. This group performs on all Jazz Ensemble concerts as well as other performances around Tuscaloosa and recruiting performances in West Alabama High Schools. This group requires students to have reliable transportation and Friday availability.

    • MUL 101 – Class Piano I
    • MUL 102 – Class Piano II
    • MUL 180, 181, 280, 281 – Shelton Singers I, II, III, and IV
    • MUL 184, 185, 284, 285 – Bach to Rock I, II, III, and IV
    • MUL 190, 191, 290, 291 – Concert Band I, II, III, and IV
    • MUL 196, 197, 296, 297 – Jazz Ensemble I, II, III, and IV
    • MUL 192, 193, 292, 293 – Jazz Combo I, II, III, and IV
    • MUP 101, 102, 201, 202 – Private Piano I, II, III, and IV
    • MUP 111, 112, 211, 212 – Private Voice I, II, III, and IV
    • MUP 145, 146, 245, 246 – Private Saxophone I, II, III, and IV
    • MUP 181, 182, 281, 282 – Private Percussion I, II, III, and IV
    • MUP 161, 162, 261, 262 – Private Trumpet I, II, III, and IV
    • MUP 163, 164, 263, 264 – Private French Horn I, II, III, and IV
    • MUP 171, 172, 271, 272 – Private Trombone I, II, III, and IV
    • MUP 173, 174, 273, 274 – Private Euphonium I, II, III, and IV
    • MUP 175, 176, 275, 276 – Private Tuba I, II, III, and IV
    • MUS 100 – Terrific Tuesday
    • MUS 101 – Music Appreciation
    • MUS 110 – Basic Musicianship
    • MUS 111 – Music Theory I
    • MUS 113 – Music Theory I Lab
    • MUS 112 – Music Theory II
    • MUS 114 – Music Theory II Lab
    • MUS 211 – Music Theory III
    • MUS 213 – Music Theory III Lab
    • MUS 115 – Fundamentals of Music
    • MUS 116 – Computer Applications in Music

Visit the Shelton State Community College Catalog to view a full description of the program’s courses.


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