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The purpose of the Shelton State Community College Wellness Center is to provide wellness information, education, and training to the students, faculty, staff, and community of Shelton State Community College. Through its various activities, the Wellness Center seeks to promote and facilitate positive lifestyle changes by which those served through the Wellness Center may live longer and better lives. The purpose of the Wellness Center also includes the preparation of students for jobs and careers in the field of wellness and fitness.


Shelton State students enrolled for credit who wish to take health, fitness, and exercise classes to fulfill the curriculum requirements of their programs of study.
Shelton State students enrolled for credit who wish to take health, fitness, and exercise classes for personal enrichment as a part of their regular schedule of classes.
The faculty and staff of Shelton State Community College who wish to take health, fitness, and exercises classes on both a credit and non-credit basis.
Senior citizens and retired individuals enrolled for credit through the Senior Scholarship programs or for non-credit through the Department of Community Education.
Other members of the community served by Shelton State Community College and its Department of Community Education.
Local business and industry firms, companies, and corporations who wish to develop and implement wellness programs for their employees.

Directions:  You may find the Wellness Center (rooms 1261-1263) by:

  1. Entering the building through the back entrance by the gymnasium, or
  2. Entering the building through the front main entrance and obtaining directions at the security desk.

For additional information on the location of the facilities and the hours of operation, please contact the Wellness Center at 205.391.2994.

FACILITIES - The Wellness Center of Shelton State

Community College consists of three classrooms; one dedicated to weight training, one to cardiovascular conditioning, and one to aerobic dance and slimnastics activities. In addition, there is a classroom for lectures and demonstrations. This classroom also includes a full kitchen where healthy cooking classes are taught. All these room surround the large reception area where faculty and staff greet students and visitors and where a large number of materials relating to various facets of wellness are made available.
Contact Information
Name: Dr. Milady Murphy
Email: mmurphy@sheltonstate.edu
Telephone: 205.391.2994
Office: 1260 Martin Campus