Commercial Carpentry
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Commercial Carpentry

Shelton State Commercial Carpentry will use a combination of classroom and shop projects to help students gain in-depth knowledge of building construction. The program uses the NCCER Core Curriculum, Fundamentals of Carpentry, and Commercial Framing and Finishing. Classes will help students gain knowledge in safety, terminology, materials, and tools used daily in the field. Students will calculate stairs and rafters and learn interior and exterior finishing skills. In the classroom, students will learn the most common forms of math used on the job, construction methods, blueprint reading, mathematical solutions involved in roof construction, stair construction, site layouts, building stake offs, commercial drawings, doors and door hardware, exterior finishing, and the strict safety rules associated with construction. In the shop, students will build group projects and un­derstand the process of construction up to the finished project. Students will learn to cut and install interior and exterior trim; they will also learn to use instruments to lay out job sites. Upon course completion, students will receive the NCCER national credential.


Commercial Carpentry will include the following topics:

  • Building materials, fasteners, and adhesives
  • Measurements
  • Power and hand tools
  • Footings and foundations
  • Basic floor, wall, ceiling, and metal framing
  • Construction specifications and drawings
  • Introduction to doors and windows
  • Site layout and foundation stake off
  • Construction instruments and elevations


Commercial Framing and Finishing will include the following topics:

  • Commercial drawings
  • Door and door hardware
  • Exterior finishing

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