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To determine the cost of taking dual enrollment classes, visit Tuition & Fees.


Are scholarships available?

The Alabama Community College System provides scholarship funding for specific high wage, high demand degree programs.


Students should review the list of eligible 2019-2020 Career and Technical Education Programs under CTDE to ensure their program of interest is approved.  If a student is interested in one of the eligible programs listed, they should work with the high school to complete the additional two items below.  Funding is based on availability and is not guaranteed based on application.

Students interested in the Career Technical Education Dual Enrollment Scholarship must complete the additional requirements listed below.


The additional required paperwork below must be emailed to

  • Career Assessment (ex. Kuder, CareerCruising, or other) to determine suitability
    for career pathway in career technical program. For more information, consult your high school counselor.
  • Four-year plan that clearly indicates the chosen Career Pathway
    For more information, consult your high school counselor. For career technical funds, the results of the student’s career assessment must correspond with the course(s) indicated on the Dual Credit Permission Form.