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How to Register for Classes

To register, students must complete an application for admission and have their myShelton username and password.  For more information, visit Becoming a Student.
  1. The Registration Tab in myShelton allows a student to check holds and register for classes.
  1. After clicking Register, select a term to begin the registration process.
  1. Select classes by subject to view sections, times, and dates.
  1. Select your desired class and click view sections.
  1. Select a class by marking the check box on the left and clicking Register.
  1. If you are not allowed to register for the class, a Registration Add Error will display. An explanation of the error will be given.  In this example, the student did not meet the prerequisite or have the placement score necessary for the class and will need to select a different class.  Students should contact their advisor if there are issues with registration.