Math 125 Handouts

Reference Materials:                                                       
Basic Functions and graphs                                                
*Link to Calculus Help (cool website – good info)                

Shifting graphs & Symmetry                                              

Basic Trig Functions & Right Triangles                                   

Trig --- Unit Circle                                                               

Inverse Trig Function Reference Sheet

Logarithmic Functions                                                     

Intro to Limits - powerpoints

Larson 2.3 powerpoints

Function/Derivative Notation

Rates of Change & Derivatives
Related Rates Slides

Related Rates – Cone Problem

Rolle's/MVT Larson 4.2 powerpoints

Steps for Graphing Functions

Curve Sketch Example

If you cannot open these handouts, you might need to download Adobe Reader 7.0.7.  This is a free program that allows your computer to read PDF files.  There is a link on my homepage where you can download this program.