Directions for Tegrity Video Lessons

Before watching each Tegrity video, print out the accompanying powerpoint presentation so you won't have as many notes to take and can concentrate on the lesson.  You should copy down all examples worked for future reference.  Some examples are taken from the textbook, so have that on hand.

When printing powerpoint notes, be sure to select HANDOUTS and change the color to PURE BLACK&WHITE.

Once the powerpoint notes have been obtained, you are ready to view the Tegrity lesson for your section.  If you can't access the video via the link provided, go to  and click on the folder labeled EvansT.  Then click on the section you want to watch.

Once you select the section you wish to view, you will need to select the appropriate connection speed for your computer before beginning.  This box is in the lower left-hand portion of the screen.  There is also a link for first-time users that may be useful.

Watch the Tegrity video using the Powerpoint and take notes as you go along.  You may pause and rewind Tegrity video sessions.

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