Annette Cook

MTH 112


Assignments from this webpage should be printed out (or copied on paper) and completed.

Be sure to read the complete syllabus.

Practice Problems for Final Exam
Using a TI Calculator with Matrices

For videos of each lesson in the course, visit the website for Mrs. Tina Evans.

MML for MAC info sheet

PowerPoints/Handouts (Optional for you to print out and bring to class.)                                         
1.2 Basics of Functions & Graphs
Piecewise Practice
1.3 More on Functions                                       
1.6 Transformations                                                     
Practice with Transformations                                             
1.7 Combos and Compositions
1.8 Inverse Functions                                                       
Summary/Graphic Organizer
Practice Problems for Test 1
2.2 Quadratic Functions                                               
2.3 Polynomial Functions & Graphs                          
2.4 Dividing Polynomials                                            
2.5 Zeros of Polynomials                                            
2.6 Rational Functions
2.7 Rational Inequalities
Practice Problems for Test 2
2.8 Variation
3.1 Exponential Functions
3.2 Logarithmic Functions
3.3 Properties of Logarithms
3.4 Solving Logarithmic Equations
3.5 Exponential Growth & Decay
Summary of Logarithms
Practice Problems for Test 3
8.1 & 8.2 Matrices
7.3 Partial Fractions
7.4 Non-Linear Systems
7.5 Systems of Inequalities
7.6 Linear Programming
10.1 Sequences & Summation
Practice Problems for Test 4