Andrea' G. Bowden-Evans

Andrea' G. Bowden-Evans, MSN, RN, CRNP
Shelton State Community College
Nursing Department

Contact information
Office:  2707 Martin Campus
Phone:  (205) 391-2452
Pager: (205) 550-1530

Helpful links:

"The man who thinks he can"
Educational Resources Incorporated (ERI)
Alabama Board of Nursing
Validation Sheets for skills lab

NUR 102 Notes

Evolve student home page (access for online skills and practice questions)

Online Nursing Skills (list of assignments)- module quizzes are due one week after the assigned date

Hard copy of online nursing skills assignments

Handbook address:

Information about ordering the online skills separately

Course ID for registering for the online nursing skills is:  0921_abowdenevans_0001

Practice acid-base balance questions

From now until December 16, 2007, you will need to complete two ERI examinations

PN CAP Fundamentals of Nursing C

PN CAP Critical thinking process C

These are scheduled examinations. You will be able to take these tests from any computer anytime between now and December 16, 2007 at 11:59 p.m.

BSN - University of Alabama
MSN - University of Alabama at Birmingham
Family Nurse Practitioner Certification


If you are having difficulty logging on to Evolve, you may want to try clicking the password reminder, type in your first and last name and your e-mail address. If all else fails, the student support number is:  (800) 401-9962.

 There are videos on reserve in the library. These video demonstrate nursing skills.  Please view these videos to properly prepare for upcoming procedures.

Video viewing list

Please return your medication validation check off sheets to me.

You will receive your final grade in fundamentals on Monday after your health assessment final examination.  I will not submit your grades until receiving the results and remediation of the ERI exams: Fundamentals and Critical Thinking.

Grade calculation:

Exam average x 0.6 = __________

Final exam x 0.35 = ___________

Online skills x 0.05 = __________

Add these numbers to receive your final grade. Don't round until the end.

Note:  If you have completed at least 20 of the online quizzes, you will receive a 100 for online skills.



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