Adjunct Faculty Frequently Asked Questions

Shelton State Community College’s Adjunct Faculty Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  page was created to answer common questions adjunct faculty might have about various areas of the College. Please let us know if you have a question you believe should be included on the Adjunct Faculty FAQ page by sending an email to

Adjunct Faculty

What are the names and locations of the two campuses of Shelton State Community College?

The Martin Campus is located at 9500 Old Greensboro Road, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35405. The C.A. Fredd Campus is located at 3401 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401.

Where do I get my parking decal?

The Cashier’s Office issues parking decals. You will need your driver’s license number, vehicle tag number, and type of vehicle you drive. Parking decals are free for faculty and staff.

Where do I pay for a parking ticket?

Parking tickets are paid in the Cashier’s Office.  Please bring your ticket with you when you pay. See more at:

Where do I get a photo ID?

Photo IDs are made in the Cashier’s Office on the first floor of the Martin campus and in the Front Office of Building 100 on the Fredd campus.  There is no charge for the initial ID.  Replacement IDs are $25.00.

How do I locate a classroom or office?

  • On the Martin Campus there are maps posted throughout the building. There is also a map with the building layout on the College’s website.
  • On the C. A. Fredd Campus, there is a poster in Building 100 with an aerial view of the campus. 
  • You may also inquire at the Information Desk on either campus.

Where do I go to sign my contract?

All adjunct faculty will receive a notification by Shelton State email that your contract is ready to be signed. Contracts will be available in the supervising dean's office (Academic Services - Suite 2604 on 2nd Floor of the Martin Campus, Technical Services - Room 1376).

Who do I contact if I am having problems logging in to Blackboard or BucsMail?

Go to the website and submit a HelpDesk ticket or click the appropriate link:

Who do I contact if I can’t access my myShelton account?

How do I change my myShelton PIN?

  • You can change your PIN by logging in to your myShelton account, choosing the Personal Information tab, and choosing the option to change your PIN. 
  • The myShelton PIN/password is different from the one you may have created for financial aid (FAFSA).

What do I do if I forget my myShelton PIN?

Go to the myShelton login page, and select Forgot PIN to reset your PIN/password.

Who do I contact about how/when to enter attendance?

Look for the directions that were sent to you in an email from the Financial Aid Office.  If you are confused about anything, check with your division chair and/or a representative from Financial Aid Office.

What do I do if I am having difficulty entering my grades?

Look for the directions that were sent to you in an email from the Office of Admissions and Records (Registrar’s Office).  If you are confused about anything, check with your division chair and/or a representative from the Office of Admissions and Records.

Where do I find a Change of Grade form?

Change of Grade Forms may be obtained from the Intranet under Academic Services Form Library or from the Office of Admissions and Records on the first floor of the Martin Campus.

Who do I contact if the equipment is not working in the classroom? 

Submit a Help Desk ticket to report the problem:

How do I reserve a laptop/projector for my classroom?

Contact Audio Visual services in the library, 205.391.3928, or

How do I know if the College will be closed due to inclement weather?

  • You will be notified by CampusCast if the College closes for any type of emergency or inclement weather. You can also obtain information about closures due to inclement weather through the College’s website, Facebook, Twitter, or local media.
  • CampusCast is the college’s emergency notification system that will allow you to receive instant notification should an emergency occur on our campus. You can receive alerts via email, text messaging, land-line and/or cell phone. An email is sent at the beginning of each semester that contains user login information and instructions about the importance of editing your contact information. If you do not know your login information, submit a HelpDesk ticket.

Where do I get the Wi Fi code?

The Wi Fi code is emailed to students and employees annually.  You may go to the Information Desk or the library on either campus or the SOAR Institute on the Martin Campus and get the code.

Where is the copy center on each campus?

Students may use the copy machines in the library; faculty and staff use the College’s Copy Center, which is located in the faculty office suite on the second floor of the Martin Campus and in the Front Office in Building 100 on the C. A. Fredd Campus.

What are the final withdrawal dates?

  • The drop/add deadlines at the beginning of a term are listed in the Academic Calendar and are communicated via social media and the website.  
  • Please review the Schedule of Classes for the last day to withdraw each semester. 

Where do I send a student requesting a waiver of a prerequisite?

If a student says he/she DOES have the prerequisite, but myShelton (Banner) is not allowing the student to register, send the student to the Office of Admissions and Records for assistance in determining the source of the problem.  If a student does not have the prerequisite(s) listed in the college catalog, send the student to the appropriate dean’s office (academic services, Martin 2604 for academic and allied health classes; technical services, Martin 1376 for technical classes).  The student will either have a conversation with the appropriate division chair or be asked to submit the information necessary to determine if a waiver of the prerequisite requirement can be done given the student’s particular circumstances.

Where do I send a student who was dropped for non-payment?

We publish our dates for dropping for non-payment (often referred to as purging) well in advance and communicate regularly via various avenues to our prospective students (social media, website, email).  If a student has been dropped for non-payment it may not be likely that he or she will be allowed to re-enroll in the course.  For those who believe they have extenuating circumstances, we have an appeals process.  Students will need to complete the Request for Review  (link to attached form) form and submit it to any of the first-floor offices (admissions, financial aid, advising, or cashiers on either Martin or Fredd) where it will be reviewed.  Appeals are reviewed frequently during busy periods.

What if I want to let an extra student into my full class?

There are two options for students wanting to enroll into a full class.
  • Student can add themselves to the wait list for that class and if anyone drops, a seat will become available.
  • Student may request an override within the supervising dean's office. 
Both offices are located on the Martin Campus (Academic – Room 3604  /  Technical – Room 1376).