Resumes are used as an evolving document to show employers your capabilities and experience. You should update your resume frequently as you learn new skills so that when the perfect job comes around you are prepared!

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The following worksheet will help you compile  your educational background, work experiences and job skills in order to create a professional resume.

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Resume Samples and Templates




The following information is from Career One Stop:

Resume samples model the basic formats and principles of resume writing. Draw the best from each to help style your resume.

A template is a tool for crafting your resume. It isn’t a fill-in-the-blank form, but it can help you get started. Ultimately, your resume should be unique to you and tailored to your particular strengths and experience.


The samples and templates below are organized by type. Choose the resume format that best matches your skills and qualifications.

Chronological Resume

  • Emphasizes work history — where you worked and when.
  • Easy for employers to scan.
  • Often used by job seekers with steady work experience in their desired career field.

    Chronological Sample
    Chronological Template

    Functional Resume

  • Groups work experience and skills by skill areas or job function.
  • De-emphasizes lack of experience in a field.
  • Useful for first-time job seekers, those reentering the workforce, and career changers

    Functional Sample
    Functional Template

    Combination Resume

  • Combines the knowledge, skills and abilities as highlighted in a functional resume with a shorter, chronological work summary.
  • Easily incorporates other experiences, like volunteering or internships.
  • Often used by job seekers with a varied employment history, and by career changers

    Combination Sample
    Combination Template



    Websites To Consider When Writing a Resume:

     44 Resume Writing Tips

    Sample Resumes By Major:

    The following is a list of websites to help you find a sample resume for your Program of Study:
    Technical and Academic Transfer: - By Occupation (Section 1) - By Occupation (Section 2) - By Job Title