myShelton Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get my new myShelton User ID?
A: Students enrolled fall 2011 and spring 2012 were emailed their new User ID to their bucsmail email account. Students may call 205.391.2220 and press option 1 to speak with a college representative for assistance. 


Q: I know my User ID, where do I sign into my account to register?
A: Links to your new myShelton online student account are on the College’s website. Click here for step-by-step directions to sign in for the first time.


Q: How do I register for classes?
A: Click here for step by step instructions for signing into myShelton and registering for classes.

Q: If I have a quick question about registration, can I talk to someone on the phone?
A: Yes, we have established a temporary help line beginning July 9th to assist with registration. We apologize in advance, but we expect the call volume to be high (that’s why we hope you can find your answer on this page).  You may call 205.391.2220. An even more efficient way to obtain assistance associated with registration is to submit a helpdesk request. Complete the help request form and someone will address your issue and contact you as soon as it is resolved. 

Q: How do I view the status of my financial aid in my account?

A: You should log into your myShelton account and select the financial aid tab.  If you have not completed the FAFSA, you will not have a financial aid tab.

Q:  How do I satisfy the required financial aid documents?

A:  Follow the instructions to the right of each required document.  All necessary forms are available on the financial aid website

Q: How do I review the Terms and Conditions and Authorize Charges (Financial Aid)?

A: Follow the instructions located on the financial aid website or click here.

Q: How do I know what classes to take this semester?  

A:  Advisors will be available on the Martin campus in Room 2455 on July 9th and 10th to assist with course selection.  To make it easier, please consider taking these steps prior to arriving to campus.

1.  Print your Program of Study Checklist

2.  If you are planning to transfer, print your STARS transfer guide.  To print your STARS guide, please visit

3.  Regularly monitor the Shelton State Advising Center Facebook page.  If you have a Facebook account you will need to like this page.  We will be regularly monitoring this page for questions.