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At Shelton we are committed to helping you succeed. We provide many opportunities for you to partner with us as you work toward achieving your goals.


What do you want to study?

  • Our advisors can help you choose the direction you want to go!
  • Do you want to transfer to a four-year college or university after Shelton? If so, check out our Academic Services page.
  • Whether you want to pursue an Associate of Applied Science Degree, a Certificate, or a Short-Term Certificate, your education at Shelton State will provide you the tools to help prepare you to enter the workforce. If that's what you want to do, contact one of our technical program advisors.

Did you know?

All students seeking an associate degree at Shelton State complete the 

General Education Requirements.
In Shelton's Technical Degree Programs, you can take courses designed to help you enter the workforce after completion. Here is a list of the programs offered at Shelton State:

  • Construction/Transportation 
  • Salon and Spa Management /Child Development


  • Industrial Electricity/Electronics


  • Industrial/Manufacturing Technologies 

  • Office Administration/Culinary Arts

    • Bookkeeping/Accounting
    • Information Processing
    • Legal Secretary
    • Medical Records
    • Paralegal
    • Culinary Arts