Before you get started in your course, be sure you have:

  • MyLabsPlus Web address from your instructor
  • Your login name and password provided by your school.
  • The access code you purchased from the bookstore with your textbook.

Getting Started:

  1. Go to your school’s MyLabsPlus campus:

  2. Enter your login name (student’s S-number – S12345678 for example) and password (sscc1234) and click the Login button.

  3. Click on the name of your course in the course list.

If your course name does not appear, contact your instructor.

  1. Click on an assignment or learning aid link within the course.  You will first be prompted with the License Agreement and Privacy Policy page.  Click I Accept once you have read the terms of use.

  2. You will be prompted to enter your access code or purchase online.  To enter your access code, select the Access Code option, enter your code, and click Next.

    If you prefer to purchase online using a credit card, select the Buy Now option and click the product link to complete your purchase.

    Once you have successfully entered your access code or completed an online purchase, you will receive a confirmation page and you can continue working.

Technical Support:

If you need technical support, please select the Support tab at your school’s MyLabsPlus campus.  You will find several self-service support articles and information about how you can contact Pearson’s 24/7 MyLabsPlus support team.