Dr. Murphy's Chair Routine

Dr Murphy’s
Chair Routine

Warm up

  • Sitting at the edge of the chair abdominals are held in tight
  • Shoulder Stretch, bring arm across the chest and opposite hand push elbow across chest.
  • Shoulder Shrugs bring shoulders up and then bring them down.
  • Hamstring Stretch and Calf Stretch, extend one leg out with toes pulled toward you, then lean forward.

Weight Lifting Routine:
use one to five pound hand held weights depending on ability

Upper Body

  • Shoulder Shrugs with weights lift up, then down slowly
  • Bicep Curls with weight, elbows at waist, then curl weight up to shoulder, then down
  • Tricep Extensions, lean forward, elbow up, extend weights back then bring forward
  • Chest Press sit straight, push weights forward from the chest then pull back to chest
  • Pec Deck, bring hands up, elbows at a 90 degree angle, then bring elbows in front of chest then back to original position.
  • Chair Dip, working triceps legs bent, hands on the back of chair, drop down then push up.

Lower Body

  • Leg Strengthening, dorsi flexion of the ankle, (pulling toes toward you), then lift the leg straight up, and hold the position for five seconds, then bring down and repeat, 5 to 20 leg lifts, depending on ability.
  • Heel Raises (lifting heels and transferring weight to the balls of the foot), 10 to 20 lifts depending on a ability
  • Stand by the chair, keeping it in front of you, then lift leg backwards, to work hamstrings, 10 to 20 lifts depending on ability
  • Stand by the chair keeping it in front of you, then lift leg sidewards and then bring back to the midline of the body, 10 to 20 lifts depending on ability.


  • Upper Body: 10 to 12 repetitions per set, 3 to 5 sets
  • Lower Body: 5 to 20 repetitions per set, 3 to 5 sets
  • Cardio: 3 days a week walk for twenty five minutes. After 6 weeks increase your walk time to 45 minutes, 3 to 5 days a week on the days you feel like increasing the time.

Cool Down:

  • The stretches performed in the warm-up, are the same as in the cool-down they are just held longer, anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds. The reason for the difference, is that the blood flow is in the muscles after the workout and the stretch can be held longer without increasing the risk of injury.