General Education at Shelton


Our hope is that when you graduate from Shelton State you will be well-prepared to meet your educational and career goals.


Our General Education curriculum is designed to enhance your oral and written communication skills, cultivate your ability to think critically, develop your ability to utilize technology, and enrich your capacity to utilize analytical mathematical skills.


Accordingly, all our degree-seeking students (AA, AS, and AAS) take courses in each of the following areas:


Area I:     Written Composition
Area II:    Humanities and Fine Arts
Area III:   Natural Science and Behavioral Sciences
Areal IV:   History, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Area V:     Pre-Professional, Pre-Major, and Elective Courses


Please check the catalog for specific program requirements and details.


General Education for the Associate in Arts Student:


Area I: Written Composition I and II     6 Hours
Area II: Humanities and Fine Arts      12 Hours

  • Minimum of three semester hours in literature