COMPASS Remote Testing Options


Individuals interested in applying to Shelton State Community College may take the COMPASS placement test at approved testing sites nationwide.   ACT COMPASS remote testing allows students to complete their ACT COMPASS testing quickly and conveniently at over 550 supervised COMPASS testing centers.  This service is ideal for two particular types of students: the non-local SSCC student, currently living some distance away from Shelton State Community College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and the local non-SSCC student. 


Non-local SSCC Student – This individual wishes to be an SSCC student but is currently not living in the Tuscaloosa, Alabama, area.  SSCC students with distance, travel, or scheduling concerns are encouraged to use the remote testing service. For distance students interested in taking COMPASS placement test(s) at a remote test site, you must register in advance with the Testing and Assessment Office at SSCC.  To start the registration process for a remote test site, please proceed with the following steps:
  1. Application for admission to SSCC has to be submitted before the scheduled remote testing session.  You will receive your SSCC student ID information when you complete your admission application.  To submit an online application for admission, visit Shelton State Community College Office of Admissions website.
  2. Locate a remote testing center location where you would like to take your test. 
  3. Contact SSCC Testing and Assessment Services by email and include the following information:
    1.  Full name
    2. Shelton State ID
    3. Contact phone number
    4. Date of birth (month, day, and year)
    5. Complete address (street, apt. #, city, state, zip)
    6. Email address
    7. Location (complete address) of the test center where you wish to test
    8. Test(s) you wish to take (Reading, Writing, and/or Math)
    9. Name of test center where you wish to test
  4. When we receive your email with the above information, Testing and Assessment Services will register you to test at the selected test center.
  5. Within twenty-four hours, or one business day (excluding weekends and holidays), you will receive an email from ACT ( with your registration number and instructions for contacting your selected test center for an appointment. The following information will be included in the email:
    1. Your assigned registration number you will need to register for the test will be included in the email. The registration number is valid for forty five days after the registration date.
    2. Instructions and contact information for scheduling your testing appointment. You are responsible for making your own appointment. 
    3. If applicable, fee information will be noted in the email.  You are responsible for paying any fees for testing.
    4. The selected testing center instructions, policies, and procedures will be detailed in the email.
  6. Print the email to take with you to your appointment.
  7. For admittance to the Compass testing site, you must bring a print copy of your email registration, photo ID, and any additional materials as requested by the Remote Test Center.

Local non-SSCC Student:  Shelton State Community College is a COMPASS remote testing site for other institutions requiring students to complete the COMPASS placement test.  
Contact your institution to see if they can set up a remote test at Shelton State Community College; if they have questions about this, direct them to 205.391.2231.
  1. Once your institution has set up this test, you will receive an email outlining your next steps.
  2. To schedule your COMPASS session, send an email to
  3. A $30 fee must be paid in the SSCC Cashier’s Office prior to the testing session.  You must bring in paid receipt with you to the testing session. 


SSCC will not release any placement scores over the phone.  SSCC students testing at a remote test center location should receive a copy of their scores immediately upon completion of the exam.  However, if the selected remote testing center location has a policy against providing a copy of the scores, the student can contact and a copy will be mailed to you.  
Non-SSCC students testing at Shelton State will receive a copy of their scores immediately upon completion of the exam, unless their institution requests that the student contact them for a copy of their scores.   


For your convenience, we are providing some additional information about COMPASS Placement Testing, Remote Test Centers, and Accessibility/IEP Accommodations.  

To view ACT COMPASS test taking tips, click here
To view COMPASS sample questions, click here
To view ACT COMPASS calculator guidelines, click here.

  • Selected COMPASS Remote Test Center Policies and Procedures:  SSCC has no jurisdiction over COMPASS Remote Test Centers, and SSCC students must adhere to COMPASS Remote Test Center policies and procedures as stated in the email notification and/or posted on-site. 
  • COMPASS Math Placement Test 
    • An online calculator is available for student use during the test. 
    • The Remote Test Site may or may not provide a calculator and blank paper for students who are required to take the math placement test.    
    • Students requesting use of a personal calculator are subject to on-site test center policies and procedures.  
For test sites permitting use of a personal calculator, students are responsible for checking and verifying in advance that their calculator is in compliance with on-site COMPASS Remote Test Center policies.