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The Shelton State Association of Nursing Students (SSANS) is a constituent of the Alabama Association of Nursing Students (AANS) and the National Student Nurses’ Association, Inc. (NSNA). NSNA is the largest independent health professional student organization in the United States, and the only one for nursing students. The purpose of the SSANS is to aid in the preparation of student nurses for the assumption of professional responsibilities. Nursing or pre-nursing students in any state approved program preparing for registered nurse licensure or registered nurses in a program leading to a baccalaureate in nursing are eligible for membership. SSANS activities and involvement may include community health activities, recruitment of students into nursing, legislative activities, conventions, educational programs, and newsletters. The opportunities are unlimited and depend upon the student’s interests. Members of SSANS may also enroll in a leadership course for one hour of course credit. This course includes effective skills and strategies for developing leadership skills. Interested students should contact the Director of Nursing Programs, 205.391.2446.