Shelton State Ambassadors
2014 - 2015

Bottom row left to right: Mariah Hobbs, Rachel Horton, Madison Clark, Ambria Carter, Brooke Rodenberry, Kaleigh Cork, Courtney Queen, TaNia Jackson, Chloe Rector, Darby Jones, Cate Nafe, Allyson Jacobs, Chloe Tilley. Back row left to right: Bayaka Bester, Garrett McMillan, Cody Quinn, Alex Kirkland, Brandon Montgomery, Noah Jacks, Parker Ashcraft, Michael Bennett, Ty Sparks, Jay Payne, JT Raybon.

The Shelton State Ambassador program was developed to provide members extensive leadership training, while offering them the opportunity to serve as the official hosts for Shelton State Community College.  Ambassadors are chosen on the basis of leadership potential, community service, and commitment to Shelton State. The Ambassadors assist in recruitment, foundation and alumni support, community service, and student activities. Members work closely with the administration and faculty of the College to convey Shelton State’s message to the community. Interested students should apply for an Ambassador scholarship annually. For more information, email

Ambassador Roster

Lisa Waldrop and Leah Armstrong     
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