Other Information


FIRST AID AND HEALTH SERVICES In order to facilitate the delivery of basic emergency service, a first aid kit is available in the following locations:

Martin Campus Security: Office/Information Area
C.A. Fredd: Main Office

In addition to first aid materials, all laboratories and shops on each campus have proper equipment such as showers and eye wash kits to remove hazardous chemicals in case of spill or breakage.

In the event that a person needs emergency medical treatment, a member of the administration or faculty should be contacted. A person suspected of being seriously ill or injured (broken bones, unconscious, etc.) should not be moved until a staff member arrives. Any costs of transporting students to the hospital, hospitalization, or treatment will be borne by the student.

FOOD SERVICES A centrally located dining hall with a seating capacity of 450 people is available on the Martin campus of Shelton State Community College. A variety of choices are available for students, faculty, and staff.

Students are strongly encouraged to eat and drink only in the designated areas on each campus. FOOD AND DRINKS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOMS ON ANY SHELTON STATE CAMPUS. Certain rooms are designated for student or faculty functions where food or drink may be served. These rooms may be reserved in the Office of Events Management.

HEALTH INSURANCE The College provides, at cost, an accident insurance plan to students. Brochures and other information may be obtained through the Office of the Dean of Students. International students are required to purchase health insurance upon enrollment.

HOUSING Shelton State does not provide on or off campus housing. Students must make their own arrangements for housing, and the college assumes no responsibility for any problems between landlords and students.

LOST AND FOUND Campus Security can handle most property lost or found on campus. Any found items should be given to Security. Those who believe they have lost an item should check with the Security Office for any lost items. Items turned in are held for six months. If the rightful owner does not claim an item in that period, the item can be turned over to the finder.

Since the College cannot be responsible for personal property, it is recommended that books and supplies be locked in a car when not in use. An identifying mark or your drivers license number should be placed on all textbooks, note books, calculators, and other equipment.

OFF-CAMPUS TRIPS All college-related travel involving students is subject to policies and procedures associated with student clubs, organizations, and groups. Off-campus field trips associated with classroom instruction must be approved by appropriate instructional Dean. Official request forms for such trips must be filed with the Dean at least one month prior to the scheduled trip. Each overnight trip should be cleared by the appropriate instructional Dean one month prior to the event; such field trips are to be made in the company of appropriate and approved chaperones. Students and parents or guardians must sign release forms in order for students to participate in such trips. These forms are to be filed with the Office of the Dean of Students.

SOCIAL FUNCTIONS A social function is defined as any dance, party, activity, or entertainment sponsored by an approved student group. Proposed student activities must be approved by the Dean of Students.

The student is responsible for the conduct of his guest or visitor to the campus or to any college-sponsored activity. Guests and visitors will be expected to abide by the regulations of this institution.

VICTOR POOLE LEARNING RESOURCE CENTER This resource center has tutors available to provide individualized instruction in Math, English, reading, and writing. In addition, computers are available for student use with word processing, nutrition, statistics, spreadsheets, study skills, job skills, resume writing, grammar, reading, math, and nursing programs as well as multimedia programs in Spanish, economics, and history. The lab contains computers with Internet access. The lab also offers vision testing by appointment.

MESSAGES The college will accept messages for students only in cases of an emergency such as family illness, accident, or death. In such instances, every reasonable effort will be made to locate the student.

Shelton State Community College is a tobacco-free work environment. Tobacco use is not permitted at any time by any faculty member, staff, student, vendor, or visitor inside any building on a Shelton State Campus. Smoking is permitted outside of buildings in non-hazardous areas away from building doors and windows.

TRAFFIC AND PARKING All motorized vehicles parked on campus must be registered. Parking tags are issued for the academic year and will make rapid identification of vehicles possible in the event of an emergency.

Parking violations are the student's responsibility.

Students should park legally in parking spaces designated for student parking. Parking in a prohibited area such as fire lanes, loading zones, visitor spaces, or handicap zones without authorization will result in a citation being issued and/or the vehicle being towed. Students receiving parking tickets can pay the ticket(s) at the cashier's window in the Business Services Office. Individuals who believe they have been wrongly ticketed can submit an appeal in the Office of the Dean of Students. A copy of Shelton State Community College parking regulations can be found at this link.

VISITORS TO CAMPUS Visitors should be able to demonstrate a valid purpose for being on campus. They are expected to abide by the regulations of the institution. Shelton students are held responsible for their guests' conduct. WHILE CHILDREN ARE ON CAMPUS, THEY SHOULD BE UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF AN ADULT.