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The information contained here is not intended to replace the Shelton State Community College Catalog/Student Handbook. It is simply to serve as a supplement to the catalog, especially in the case of eLearning students. All students should have a copy of the Shelton State Community College Catalog/Student Handbook. You may access the catalog at

Application Process

Visit the Shelton State Community College Online Application page to apply.

Students are responsible for ensuring that the courses selected will fulfill degree requirements. Before registering, students should read relevant sections of the catalog and discuss the course choices with an academic advisor. Failure to do so can result in taking courses that will not fulfill degree requirements. Students who enroll in a course without completing course prerequisites may be withdrawn from the course by the College and may not qualify for a refund of tuition. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all course prerequisites are completed. Students must have successfully completed ELO 100 before enrolling in any online course.

Shelton State Community College offers 2 methods of registration:
A. Web Registration
B. On-Site Registration

To access specific information concerning instructions, dates, and times, please visit the Shelton State Community College website at

Grades and Related Marks
Students may access their grades via the Web. To access grades please visit the Shelton State Community College website at

Withdrawal Policy
Students who wish to withdraw from a course or totally withdraw from school must officially withdraw on or before the date designated as the last day to withdraw for the semester. The last day to withdraw will be the Monday of the last full week of classes prior to the day final exams begin. There will be NO withdrawals after this date. The student will receive a grade of “W” regardless of the student’s average at the time of the withdrawal; the grade of “W” will be recorded on the student’s permanent record. Students who remain in the course after the last day to withdraw will receive the grade earned for the course.
Students who wish to withdraw from an eLearning class should contact the Admissions Office by phone at 205.391.2214 or e-mail Loretta Jones at for more specific information.

Additional Information

For further information concerning the Admissions Office contact Loretta Jones at 205.391.2236 or . You may also visit the Shelton State Community College website at

Advising Services
All students are strongly encouraged to make use of the services of either the advisors or the Dean of Student Services with regard to educational, vocational, or personal problems and decisions. For serious personal problems, students will be referred to appropriate agencies. The Advising Center staff can be reached by calling 205.391.2232 . You may also reach the Dean of Student Services by calling 205.391.2216 or e-mailing
The Statewide Articulation Reporting System, also known as STARS, is a computerized articulation and transfer planning system designed to inform students who attend Alabama community colleges about degree requirements, course equivalents, and other transfer information pertaining to specific majors at each state funded four-year institution. Students who are interested in receiving STARS information should make an appointment in the Advising Center or visit the STARS web site at
Students enrolled in applied science programs are advised that some courses will not transfer to four-year colleges. Students are encouraged to consult advisors and faculty advisors to select the most appropriate programs of study available.
Vocational and occupational information and current catalogs from other educational institutions are available in the Advising Center.
The Advising Center staff is available to assist students in making relevant career decisions. Students are encouraged to meet with advisors early in their programs so that values, interests, and career information may be discussed.
Advising and Assessment
For Advising and Assessment information, please visit the Shelton State Community College website at, Current Students, Advising. You may also contact the Advising Center staff at 205.391.2232 or e-mail

Bookstore Information
Visit the Follett Bookstore located on the Martin Campus.

Shelton State Community College Bookstore
9500 Old Greensboro Road
Tuscaloosa, AL 35405
PHONE: 205.391.2222
FAX: 205.391.2920
Shelton State Community College has established The SOAR Institute located on the Martin where students may obtain individual assistance in math, English, and reading. The tutoring services are free to Shelton State Community College students and offered during the normal operating hours of the center. 

Smarthinking is a free online tutoring service that is also available to currently enrolled students. Visit Smarthinking or contact Veronica Cross,, to find out more specific information.