Visual Art Facilities

Drawing Studio

The Drawing studio environment supports learning through observation and practice. Equipment includes drawing horses, easels, drawing boards, and drafting tables. The still life collection is bursting with interesting objects to draw such as found objects, bones, household items and old furniture. The lighting of the space is both natural and artificial to enable students to learn through observation and practice. The Drawing Studio is on Martin Campus, Room 1943.

Painting Studio

The Painting Studio is adjoining to the Drawing Studio therefore shares the same still life collection and equipment.  Especially for painting are rolling easels, painting carts, stools, and wall space.  The lighting of the space is both natural and artificial to enable students to learn through observation and practice.  The Painting Studio is on Martin Campus, Room 1942.

Photography Studio and Darkrooms

The Photography Studio is an analog black and white photography facility that consists of a lecture room, a darkroom for processing film, and a separate darkroom with 15 enlarging stations with digital timers to develop prints up to 16x20.  It includes all the necessary equipment for processing film and prints within archival industry standards.  This includes two large sinks: one for developing trays and one for washing prints. Also, a dryer for the fastest possible dry times for wet film that omits most dust particles with the use of filters.  The photography facility is also equipped with an additional lighting studio housing four electric strobes with modeling lamps, incandescent lights, backdrops, stands, and other essential equipment for still life and portrait photography.  The Photography Studio and Darkrooms are located behind the Art Gallery.

Martin Campus Art Gallery

The Martin Campus Art Gallery of primary importance is giving student artists support and encouragement to experiment with new ideas while gaining an educational gallery experience.  Thus, the gallery exhibits a juried student art exhibitions twice a year to showcase student works.  Through out of the year, the art gallery also exhibits local and regional artists and photographers that are innovative in their approaching to contemporary art.  The Art Gallery is committed to personal expression; the gallery promotes the visual arts as a dynamic and vibrant contribution to the cultural growth of Shelton State Community College.

For examples of student work, please visit Student Art Work.