Shelton State: Community College of the Fine Arts

Music Facilities

1920 Alabama Power Recital Hall
The Terrific Tuesday Concert Series and student recitals are held in the Alabama Recital Hall.  The hall is located inside the Bean Brown Theatre complex. 
1802 Choral Rehearsal Hall
This room is designed acoustically for choirs and vocal ensembles.  Lecture classes are often taught in this room when rehearsals are not in session.
1805 Instrumental Rehearsal Hall
This room is designed acoustically for instrumental ensembles and is the rehearsal area for the Shelton State Jazz Ensemble.  Theory classes are taught in this hall when rehearsals are not in session.
1810 Lecture Room
Designed for Music Appreciation classes. It is fully equipment with a Bose sound system.
1813 Keyboard Lab
The keyboard lab consists of 16 Yamaha digital pianos.  This lab is used for class piano, ensemble practice, and MUS 115 students.
1821 MIDI Lab
Equipped with 8 computers this room is designed for music courses requiring computer usage. Special sound cards in the systems enhance the listening  experience. The software available in the lab is Music Ace, Musical Practicum, and Finale.
1820 Piano Studio
This studio houses a grand piano for applied instruction.
1817-1818 Voice Studios
These voice studios are equipped with special recording systems for the instructor and student.

There are 7 practice rooms with acoustical pianos located in the music suite.