Dance Courses

Jazz Dance I-II,  DNC 267/268
Building a foundation of skills necessary for the technique and performance of jazz dance. This class is intended to enhance the student’s flexibility, strength, body alignment, coordination, balance, kinesthetic awareness, personal range of motion, and musicality through jazz technique.  Class is structured around a pre-set warm-up leading to locomotion across the floor and center combinations. DNC 268 is a continuation of DNC 267.
Elementary Modern Dance, DNC 111
This course introduces the basic movement fundamentals, terminology, and performance skills of modern dance; it is intended to enhance the beginning student’s flexibility, strength, body alignment and coordination.
Introduction to Dance Styles, DNC  110
This course introduces the student to a variety of dance styles through active studio practice (including Modern, Jazz, Ballet, Yoga, Movement Improvisation and Social Dance). This course also looks at the process of dance making and choreography while also providing an understanding of dance history and the significance of dance in culture.
Stage Movement, THR 281
This course introduces Bartenieff Fundamentals, Movement Improvisation, Laban Movement Analysis and Choreography as methods of organizing and integrating body movement and expanding expressive range. Emphasis will be on expanding the performer’s qualitative range of movement to support artistic expression, wellness, and sound production.
Elementary Ballet, DNC 121
This course introduces the basic movement fundamentals, terminology, and performance skills of ballet. Activities will include traditional mode of ballet class including warm-up, locomotion and center combinations.
Fitness Dance,  DNC 141
This course utilizes dance practices of modern, ballet, jazz and yoga for personal fitness growth and enjoyment.
Dance Audition Requirements:
Dancers will take a short audition dance class and should come prepared to perform a solo of any dance style (approximately 2-3 minutes); applicants will also have a personal interview with fine arts faculty.