Work Study Job Duties & Responsibilities

As an employee of the Federal Work Study Program at Shelton State Community College (SSCC) you should be aware of the following guidelines:

The student must remain in good academic standing to be eligible for work-study employment. Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is measured at the end of each semester. If a student who is on FWS should fail to maintain good SAP standing at the end of the semester, he/she will not be eligible to continue to receive FWS the next semester.

  1. Work Study is a part-time job, which is based on hourly pay.
  2. Fringe benefits such as sick leave, vacation pay, and holidays are not part of your compensations.
  3. Work study students are not allowed personal visitors while on the job, nor permitted to send/receive personal calls or text messages while working unless absolutely necessary.
  4. Work Hours:
    • May not work more than 8 hours a day and must take a lunch break (reflected on timesheet)
    • You will not be paid Federal Work Study funds for hours worked in excess of the maximum amount given to you (you should average this monthly)
    • You and your supervisor are responsible for keeping up with the number of hours you are authorized to work
    • Time should be recorded in “QUARTER-HOURS”, and be legible.
    • Submit signed time sheet and evaluations to the Financial Aid Office (14th of each month) or as notified.
    • Work Study supervisors will provide a work schedule at the beginning of each semester.  You are responsible to follow this schedule.
  5. Students who accept Federal Work Study jobs are expected to work the entire period of the assignment, to be punctual, and to perform efficiently.  Students should notify supervisors when illness or unforeseen circumstances prevent attendance.
  6. Students may not work during periods when the school is closed.
  7. You must terminate your Federal Work Study employment immediately upon withdraw from SSCC.  Students must be enrolled a minimum of six (6) credit hours at all times to be eligible for Federal Work Study.
  8. Work Study students will be paid appropriate wage for the job.  Taxes will be withheld.  A statement of earnings will be furnished at the end of the year.  Federal Work Study earnings are taxable.
  9. Work Study students are expected to dress appropriate for their job assignment.  Your dress and conduct are a reflection, not only of yourself, but also of Shelton State.
  10. Students are not allowed to work when they are scheduled to attend class.