1.___ "Education records" include only those records contained in a student’s permanent file.

2.___ Students must be given the opportunity to inspect and review their education records within 10 days of a request.

3.___ Faculty have the right to inspect and review the education records of any student.

4.___ If a student discloses in an open forum that he has been suspended and that he feels the suspension is unwarranted, the school may infer that he has given implied consent for openly discussing the issue.

5.___ An adviser does not have to allow a student to inspect and review her personal notes about the student that are held in a file in the desk of the adviser’s office.

6.___ The institution doesn’t need to provide access to the education records of a student to a non-custodial parent if the custodial parent submits a notarized statement that he or she does not consent to the disclosure.

7.___ A school does not have to send education records to another school in which a student seeks or intends to enroll if the student has an outstanding balance to the current institution.

8.___ A student has the right to inspect and review an essay submitted by the student, even if the teacher does not intend to return it to the student or to permanently maintain it.

9.___ Health records, maintained at the Student Health Center, are education records, subject to FERPA.

10.___ A college newspaper has the right of access to detailed information about disciplinary hearings for students at the institution.

11.___ A state institution in Ohio must respond to a subpoena received from the Supreme Court of California.

12.___ We should provide data to an engineering firm which asks for a list of all the College of Engineering students who are in the top 10 percent of the senior class.

13.___ Tom Faculty has posted the grades of all the students in his class on the wall outside his office. This is a violation of FERPA.

14.___ Sally Student has just been found in violation of the university’s residence halls’ alcohol policies. Her hall director could contact her parents about this issue without her permission.

15.___ Admissions records are "education records," therefore covered under FERPA.

Quiz Answers