111 Supplemental Materials

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Periodic Table
Writing Ionic Formulas
Ion Names
Naming Ionic Compounds
Naming Covalent Compounds
Periodic Table Slides (pdf file)
Ionic Formulas Slides (pdf file)
Ion Names Slides (pdf file)
Naming Ionic Compounds Slides (pdf file)
Naming Covalent Compounds Slides (pdf file)

Most Current Supplemental Material:
Chapter 5-6 Crossword
Chapter 5-6 Crossword - Answers

Test 1
Conversions and Significant Figures(pdf file)
Measurement Practice(pdf file)
Chapter 1 Crossword(pdf file)
Chapter 1 Crossword - Answers(pdf file)
Chapter 2 Crossword(pdf file)
Chapter 2 Crossword - Answers(pdf file)
Chapter 7-8 Crossword
Chapter 7-8 Crossword - Answers
Orbital Shapes
Test 1 Study Questions (Chap. 1,2,7,8)
Test 1 Study Questions - Answers
Test 2
Ion Names List
Naming Practice
Formula Writing Practice
Chapter 9-10 Crossword
Chapter 9-10 Crossword - Answers
Lewis Structure Practice
Blank Molecular Structure Lab
Molecular Structure - More Practice
Molecular Structures Lab - Answers(pdf file)
Test 2 Study Questions (Chap. 9-11, Sections 2.7-2.8)
Test 2 Study Questions - Answers

Test 3
Chapter 3 Crossword
Chapter 3 Crossword - Answers
Reaction Type/Equation Balancing Practice
Chapter 5-6 Crossword
Chapter 5-6 Crossword - Answers