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Richard Saylor

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CHM 105
CHM 111
Syllabus Homework Supplements 4-14-16
CHM 222 Syllabus / Lab Notebook Homework Supplements 4-15-16
PHS 111
Syllabus Homework(Chap. 20-28) Supplements 4-29-16

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General Information:
Studying to Learn  A "Science Friday" podcast with some ideas about how to study.  Click the Listen link on that page

Tired?  Need a Boost?  Watch this "American Chemical Society" video with some ideas about how to stay awake without caffeine.

Standard College Policies  All students should be familiar with these policies.

My Schedule  Check my office hours.  I hope you'll come by if you need help.

Grade-Slip Explanation  Explains the numbers on the form you receive after tests.
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CHM 221-222 McMurry Site (Old Edition)  Choose a chapter from the pull down menu. Select "Chapter Quiz"

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