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Speech 107




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Criteria for Grading Speeches

Artifact Speech
Biography Speech
Informative Speech
Persuasive Speech
Special Occasion Speech
Speaker Critique

Evaluation forms
Artifact Speech Evaluation
Biography Speech Evaluation
Informative Speech Evaluation

Persuasive Speech Evaluation

Class Notes

Chapter 1 Adapt for Public Speaking Success
Chapter 2 Manage Public Speech Anxiety
Chapter 3 Practice and Promote Effective Listening
Chapter 4 Speak Ethically
Chapter 5 Know and Adapt to Your Audience
Chapter 6 Determine Your Purposes and Select a Topic

Chapter 7 Locate Supporting Materials
Chapter 8 Evaluate Supporting Materials
Chapter 9 Cite Sources in Your Speech
Chapter 10 Outline Your Speech
Chapter 11 Organize the Body of Your Speech

Chapter 12 Introduce and Conclude Your Speech
Chapter 13 Use Language Expertly
Chapter 14 Speak to Inform
Chapter 15 Speak to Persuade
Chapter 16 Practice Persuasiveness
Chapter 17 Speak in Small Groups
Chapter 18 Speak on the Job
Chapter 19 Speak on Special Occasions
Chapter 20 Choose and Rehearse a Method of Delivery / Chapter 21 Use Your Body and Voice Effectively
Chapter 22 Use Presentation Aids Effectively

Additional Resources

Persuasive Organization Patterns (with examples)

Artifact Speech Outline
Outline Format 
Impromptu Speech Outline

Informative outline 1
Informative outline 2
Informative outline 3
Informative outline 4
Informative outline 5
Informative outline 6

Persuasive outline 1
Persuasive outline 2

Citation Checklist

Textbook Website
Outside Readings 
Sample Outline
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