Outside Readings

Chapter 1 (Human Communication: What and Why?)
What do Employers Really Want?
Skills sought by Employers

Chapter 2 (The Self, Perceptin, and Communication)
Confined, isolated, feral children  
Genie Video
Girl raised by dogs
Nature vs. Nurture:  Gender?
Nature vs. Nurture:  Bruce/Brenda/David video
What does your car say about you??

Chapter 3 (Language)
Slang Dictionary
Cambridge Study


Chapter 4 (Listening)
How To Improve Your Memory

Chapter 5 (Nonverbal Communication)
How to Detect a Lie
Jeff Hancock: 3 digital lies
Deborah Tannen interview
Childplay (gender differences in communication - a look at children at play)
Hugs and Kisses in Politics
A Feral Child's Journey to Recovery
Differences b/w the Genders
Effects of touch

Influences of Technology
The Internet is redefining our relationships!