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US History Maps

13 Colonies.jpg

American System.png

Bacon's Rebellion.png

Coffin Handbill.jpg
Coffin Handbill parody.jpg

Colonial Overseas Trade.JPG

Colonial Possessions in 1900.jpg

Colonial taxation timeline.JPG

Columbus' First Voyage.jpg

Compromise of 1850.JPG

Constitutional Ratification.JPG

Cuban Missile Crisis.gif

Dust Bowl.JPG

Eastern Europe after 1945.jpg

Election of 1789.png

Election of 1792.png

Election of 1796.png

Election of 1800.gif

Election of 1804.jpg

Election of 1808.png

Election of 1812.png

Election of 1816.png

Election of 1820.png

Election of 1824.png

Election of 1828.png

Election of 1832.png

Election of 1836.png

Election of 1840.png

Election of 1844.png

Election of 1848.png

Election of 1852.png

Election of 1856.png

Election of 1860.png

Election of 1864.png

Election of 1868.png

Election of 1872.png

Election of 1876.png

Election of 1880.png

Election of 1884.JPG

Election of 1888.png

Election of 1892.JPG

Election of 1896.JPG

Election of 1900.png

Election of 1904.png

Election of 1908.png

Election of 1912.JPG

Election of 1916.JPG

Election of 1920.png

Election of 1924.jpg

Election of 1928.JPG

Election of 1932.JPG

Election of 1936.png

Election of 1940.png

Election of 1944.png

Election of 1948.JPG

Election of 1952.png

Election of 1956.png

Election of 1960.JPG

Election of 1964.png

Election of 1968.JPG

Election of 1972.png

Election of 1976.png

Election of 1980.JPG

Election of 1984.png

Election of 1988.JPG

Election of 1992.JPG

Election of 1996.png

Election of 2000.JPG

European Claims in the New World.JPG

Exploration (Portuguese).png

Explorers' Routes.JPG

First Gulf War.JPG

French and Indian War.JPG

Great Migration numbers.png


Immigration - Numbers of Immigrants 1860-1910.png

Indian Removal.JPG

Indian Reservations.jpg

Internment Camps.JPG

Jamestown (closeup view).png

Jamestown 1607-Bacon's Rebellion.jpg

Kansas-Nebraska Act.JPG

King William's War.jpg

Korean War.JPG

Louisiana Purchase.JPG

Mexican confilict 1914.jpg

Mexico in 1821.png

Middle East (20th Century).jpg

Missouri Compromise.JPG

NATO and Warsaw Pact Nations.jpg

National Parks.png

New Deal Acts - Alphabet Soup.png

New England Colonies.JPG
North America 1700-1803.jpg

North America in 1754.jpg

North America in 1763.png

North America in 1783.JPG

Northwest Territory.JPG

Oregon Country.JPG

Oregon Country.png

Panama Canal.jpg

Progressive Legislation.png

Quebec Act (1774).png

Queen Anne's War.png

Reconstruction - Military Districts.png


Reconstruction Amendments Chart.png

Revolutionary War - Lexington and Concord.JPG

Revolutionary War in the North.JPG

Revolutionary War in the South.JPG

Roanoke Colony.jpg

Roanoke Colony 2.jpg


Seven Years War (1757-1760).png

Slave Trade.jpg

South Pacific.jpg

Spanish-American War (Cuba and Philippines).png

Tennessee Valley Authority.JPG

Texas Revolution 1836.png

Trails to the West.JPG

Treaty Lines and Boundaries to 1819.JPG

U.S.-Mexican War.JPG

Unemployment Rate 1929-1940.png


War of 1812 in the East.JPG

War of 1812 in the West.JPG

War of Jenkins Ear.png

West Indies.jpg

Western Land Cessions 1782-1802.JPG

Woman Suffrage.JPG

World War I - American Offensives.png

World War I Losses - Chart.png

World War I Western Front.jpg