Faculty Website Directory

This listing is updated as new faculty websites are created, please check back for updates. Faculty who would like to request web space for their website should fill out the Website Request Form. Faculty members who would like their website link included in this directory should email jswindle@sheltonstate with their web address.


Name Department
Aaron, Mike Natural Sciences
Bamberg, Susan Language
Bell, Don Library
Black, Lyda  Office Administration
Blackshear, Alan Music
Blackshear, Glinda Music
Boening, Chuck Humanities & Communications Arts
Bowden-Evans, Andrea' Nursing
Brown, Mark Fine Arts
Burns, Kevin Behavioral Sciences
Camp, Kim Business/Computer Science
Carr, Michael Fine Arts
Chen, Jaia  Fine Arts 
Cook, Annette Mathematics
Cooper, Wade Natural Sciences
Datcher, Scheree Office Administration
Dobbins, Pamela  Natural Sciences 
Filer, Janice Language
Fisher, Jeff Mathematics
Freeman, Lorenzo Industrial/Manufacturing Technologies
Gibson, Angela Humanities & Communications Art
Green, Lea Wellness
Green, Michael  Mathematics 
Griffin,  Danielle Language
Hagler, Darrell  Mathematics 
Hamner, Beth Language
Haynes, Chris Natural Sciences
Howington, Arthur Behavioral Sciences
Jarrell, Randall Behavioral Sciences
Lesley, Melissa Cosmetology
Mack, Jean Library
Mahawanniarachchi, Padmal  Mathematics 
Major, Ted Business/Computer Science
Marlowe, Channing  Mathematics/Orientation/Study Skills
McLeod, J. Ashley Business/Computer Science
McNeal, Kareem Wellness
Miller, Scott Business/Computer Science
Moore, Shywanda Mathematics
Murphy, Milady Wellness
Nix, Lisa Mathematics
Odom, Corley Humanities & Communications Arts
Queen, Gail Mathematics
Randle, Renea Mathematics
Robinson, Doug Mathematics
Rose, Karen Natural Sciences
Saylor, Rick Natural Sciences
Smith, Tennyson "TJ"  Business 
Speights, John Construction/Transportation
Strong, Bea Mathematics
Swindle, Jill Business/Computer Science
Varner, Dr. Shurrun Language
Vincent, Sharon Natural Sciences
Wilson, Jim Humanities & Communications Arts
Windham, Kevin Humanities & Communications Arts