Teaching Resources

The Faculty Resource Center provides training for the teaching resources listed below.  These resources are available to full-time and part-time faculty. 














Tegrity makes class available all the time by automatically capturing, storing and indexing every class on campus for replay by every student. With Tegrity instructors capture audio/video, PowerPoint slides and computer screen applications with annotations.  Students can view sessions online anytime–anywhere 24/7.  Students quickly recall key moments or replay entire classes online, on their home computers, iPods and cell phones.

Blackboard is the current course management system utilized by Shelton State Community College.  Release 8.0 has many new features such as the newly redesigned and enhanced GradeCenter, SafeAssign, Peer Assessments and Scholar.   Visit the Faculty Resource Center for up-to-date information on upcoming trainings that will be offered on the new and improved features in Blackboard release 8.0.

SafeAssign by Blackboard is a plagiarism prevention tool. It instantly identifies papers containing unoriginal material and acts as a powerful deterrent to stop student plagiarism before it starts. You must be using Blackboard to access this tool.

Many of the classrooms contain SMART technologies. Some have Smartboards, while others have Sympodiums. Using this technology in the classroom can result in tremendous benefits for learners. Visit the online Educator Resources for ways to enhance your lessons and find curriculum-related resources for your classroom.


NetOp School is teaching and management software for the networked computerized classroom.  With NetOp instructors can monitor the activity of their students in the computerized classroom environment.  It connects the instructor’s computer with the computers of the classroom creating an interactive classroom on the network and allows the instructor to share their screen with the entire class.  


SMARTTHINKING uses the Internet to connect students with professional educators.   SMARTHINKING has the online tutoring, writing services, and homework help that students need to succeed. Tutors are available up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a variety of subjects. Students should go by the Learning Center to sign up.


Turnitin allows instructors to check the originality of students' work for improper citation or potential plagiarism by using continuously updated databases. By using originality reports, instructors can help teach students about academic integrity and proper citation.