Fall 2016 Model Syllabus

For your convenience, the syllabus model is available below.  On the first day of class, provide each student with a syllabus. The syllabus includes a course calendar.  The course calendar should include the following information:

  • class meeting dates
  • chapters and topics to be covered each class period
  • due dates for assignments
  • exams, date and time of the final from the exam schedule
  • other relevant dates

The statement that is included on the syllabus model reserves the instructor’s right to make adjustments in the schedule.  

Syllabus Model

Fall 2016 Model Syllabus (Word format)
Course Calendars

Fall 2016 Course Calendars (Excel format)
Note: Be sure to save Excel file before editing. See individual calendar sheets within Excel workbook, edit and print as needed. For questions regarding syllabus or calendar models contact Sherry Harrison at ext. 2411.