Greetings from the PEEHIP Wellness Program,

Attached is a flier for display around your worksite so that you can remind your employees of your system’s upcoming wellness screening time and location. Please remember that as part of PEEHIP’s new Team Up For Health Wellness Program, wellness screenings are required by May 31, 2015 for active employees enrolled in PEEHIP’s Blue Cross Blue Shield hospital medical plan (group #14000) and their covered spouses, in order to not be charged a wellness premium beginning October 1, 2015.

Please print this flier and display it and distribute it to your employees after filling in the screening time information, so that all eligible members with a screening requirement will see it and know about their upcoming screening time and location. PEEHIP will be in communication with you to remind you of the date and time that the Alabama Department of Public Health nurses will be attending your system to administer wellness screenings/flu shots. You may also check their online calendar at to search for your upcoming screening time and location.

Also, we will soon be sending you printed copies of the attached wellness screening larger-sized poster and  smaller-sized card for display in your worksites and distribution to your employees as another method of giving your employees all the information they need about our new program so that they can meet their requirements and not be charged the wellness premium next year on October 1, 2015. We will notify you when we send these posters and cards.

If you or your members have any questions about the new Wellness Program, please direct them to our monthly PEEHIP Advisor newsletters, our web site at, our twitter account @PEEHIP or have them contact the Shelton State Payroll Department and we will be happy to answer any of their questions. I have attached our most recent Wellness newsletter which gives more information about our program.
Most frequently asked questions:

Q. What do the wellness screenings involve?
A.  They measure:
  • Cholesterol HDL and LDL
  • Triglycerides
  • Blood Pressure and Pulse
  • Glucose
  • BMI

Q. Can these screenings be measured by our own doctor?
A .Yes, see Shondolyn Simon in the Payroll Office for the appropriate form. This form should be completed by you and your doctor and submitted to your insurance company.

Q. Are the flu vaccines required?
A. No, they are still optional to all full time employees and their families over the age of 18 with valid insurance  card. If you choose to take the flu vaccine, you will need to print the Flu Vaccine Form, fill it out, and bring with you to your screening.

Q. Where will the wellness screenings and flu shots  be given?
A. SSCC  Fredd Campus, Wednesday, September 3, 2014, 2;00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. 
    SSCC  Martin Campus,  Wellness Center, Wednesday,  October 8, 2014,  9:00 a.m. - noon.
    Martin Campus Wellness Center Wednesday April 8th   2015 9:00am - noon.
Q. Are there any costs involved?
A. The wellness screenings and flu vaccines are all free with proof of insurance card for all full time employees

PEEHIP Wellness Program Deadline Extended - July 15, 2015

As of today's date, over 103,000 members have obtained a wellness screening, over 99,000 have completed the Health Questionnaire, and over 45,000 members have enrolled in health coaching.  Overall, nearly 75,000 members (49%) have completed all of their specific required activities in order to be 100% complete with the Wellness Program and earn their wellness premium waiver.  This number has risen by nearly 45,000 over the past several weeks as we approach our May 31,2015 deadline.


These numbers make it clear that PEEHIP members are working hard to complete their required activities.  In an effort to assist members in meeting their goals and finishing their Wellness Program components, PEEHIP has extended the deadline for completing all wellness activities to July 15, 2015.  We desire for every single member to complete their required activities and avoid the wellness premium, and we hope this extension will serve to further enable the remaining members to reach completion.


PEEHIP has included more information about this extension in the May PEEHIP Advisor newsletter.